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INSTANT KARMA: A local repo man woke up one morning to discover that someone had broken into his brand new pick-up truck overnight. The thief stole $4,500 from the glove compartment and left no signs of forcible entry. What goes around comes around.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN: It's that time of year again: time for trick-or-treaters, haunted houses, loads of candy, and flying pumpkins hitting luxury cars. Yep, one woman discovered that her dent-resistant panels couldn't stop the force of an oncoming jack-o-lantern. A prankster's toss left damage to the passenger side door and mirror.

OUCH!: Nothing funny about this one: A man was cleaning house gutters with a friend when the feet of the ladder he was standing on moved. The man fell and struck an umbrella pole. His torso was punctured but he did not suffer any serious internal damage to his organs.

A REAL BRIGHT PLAN: The glaring lights in a department store made a thief take precautionary measures recently. The man took a pair of sunglasses from off the rack, removed the tag and security sensor, and proceeded to walk out of the store wearing the shades. He was detained in the parking lot.

RUDE AWAKENING: A woman woke suddenly in her motel room to find a man breaking in through the window. The man didn't harm her but kept asking for Tony. There was no Tony in the room, so the man kindly apologized and left the woman frightened and puzzled.

VANITY - 1 HOUSE - 0: After returning home from a long day's work one evening, a woman discovered that the roommate she had recently booted out had returned during the middle of the day for some last minute packing. He ripped her bedroom mirror off the wall and stole it.

BED BUGS?: Man, those roommates sure can be annoying, huh? One roomie came home to discover that the other had filled his bedsheets with cooked pasta, and his pillowcase with jelly. The distraught roommate blamed it on the fact that his so-called friend was a dropout and must've been bored.

CARROT TOP WANNABE FREAKS OUT: A man walked into a local restaurant and politely asked to use their phone. When his request was denied, he grabbed the phone from behind the counter and ripped the cord out of the wall.

NO OVERHEAD: The brand new sun porch a woman finally could afford was days from completion. She hired a man to put a roof on it and gave him a $500 deposit. The remaining balance was due upon completion. The worker returned the next day and began work. That was the last time the woman ever saw the man. She stated that he has done this to other people too.

MORE RUDE AWAKENINGS: Two buddies went out drinking one night. They returned home and eventually passed out. When one of the men woke the next morning, he discovered the other had taken his car keys. When he went outside, he discovered his drinking buddy had stolen his car too.

BABY BLUES: Distressed parents are wracking their brains over why a thief would break into their hair salon, only to steal their child's blanket. There is no word yet on if the parents plan to ask the FBI for help in locating the "blankey."

LOCKED OUT: A woman returned home one day to discover that her ex had changed all the locks on her doors. When she tried her key for a second time, he suddenly opened the door and snatched it out of her hand. He then pushed her to the ground, hit her in the side, and kicked her in the face.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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