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IN HOT WATER: Two roommates had an argument recently over who'd get to use the shower first. The loser of the argument left the apartment, but not before stealing money from his bathing roommate. The winner responded by eventually finding the thief, running him over with a car, and beating him with a baseball bat.

SAFE AND SECURE: A man's car was still where he left it the night before, even after a thief attempted to steal it. The culprit pulled the driver's side window down to get in, and then busted the ignition switch. However, he was unable to start the car, as the car's battery was dead.

MR. MOTIVATION: At a job performance conference between a woman and her boss, the discussion became heated and spiraled into an argument. During the argument, the woman's boss grabbed her violently by the shoulders and wouldn't let go. The woman pulled away and called the police.

TROUBLE AT SCHOOL: A school bus liaison was ushering kids onto their buses when he observed a young lady striking other girls with a brown leather belt in the parking lot. He approached the young lady and told her to stop. She responded with threats and curses. Her manner caught the attention of campus police who came over and attempted to calm the student down, at which point the girl gave them a profanity-laced rant too.

NYUK, NYUK, NYUK: A recent confrontation between a man and a woman led to a fight that may have been inspired by a large dose of cartoons and Three Stooges comedies. The woman began by biting the man on his arm and he responded by poking her in the forehead with his index finger.

REALLY LATE FOR SCHOOL NOW: A young child missed the bus to school one morning. Her mother became enraged and blamed the bus driver. She chased down the bus a few blocks away while it was making a stop, entered the bus while it was loading students and had an argument with the driver. The woman refused to leave the bus and police were called to the scene. Meanwhile, her daughter was still late for school as a second bus had to come and pick the students up.

STAY LEGIT: Ever wonder what happens when you get caught enjoying illegal cable? One local man woke up one morning to find that his cable was out. Upon closer inspection he noticed that the television set, cable line, and cable box had all been damaged during the night.

MORE TROUBLE AT SCHOOL: A young lady was eating lunch at a picnic table one day with her friends, when a large man approached her and grabbed her purse. The man ran away and the young lady immediately notified campus security. The officers apprehended the man and a nearby accomplice. The two men were actually just kids themselves, and were paying a visit to the school while playing hooky from their own institution of learning.

HOW'S THAT WORK?: A man received a handful of harassing phone calls recently. He told the caller to stop but the calls kept coming. The man on the other end threatened to damage his property, telling the man, "I'm gonna come by there and shoot up your house if you don't pay for the stuff I stole."

YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT: Another classic BB gun saga came to an end when a woman noticed a bunch of projectile holes in the vinyl fencing that surrounded her yard. She discussed the matter with her neighbor who admitted to firing holes in that direction. He told her he would pay for the damage and that he was shooting at squirrels. He missed the cuddly rodents, but his other bulls-eyes will cost him $200.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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