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BACK SEAT DRIVER: A woman experienced a frightening rear end collision while driving one afternoon, however no second car was involved. Solve the riddle? No, well, here's the answer: a passenger in the backseat of the woman's car punched her in the back of the head with his fist.

TEST ANXIETY: A local high school student was booted out of class for behavioral reasons. After he had roamed the halls for a bit, school officials found the student and escorted him to a holding classroom where the student told them, "I'm going to mess you up!"

R2D2 THE STALKER: Someone called police to report harassing phone calls one evening. They stated that they had received close to 50 calls but that no one said anything when calling. Instead, the irate harassee said, the person on the other end was making beeping noises by pushing the buttons.

INSIDE JOB: A newly hired employee at a local grocery store decided his employee discount was of the five-finger variety. The thief took money from the cash register, purposely didn't scan items for his friends, and voided items on the register and pocketed them. This sly crook forgot one thing during his short career at the store: security cameras.

EXTENSION OF MY LOVE: A boyfriend and girlfriend got into an argument one evening. The spat turned violent and erupted into a fight during which the man grabbed the woman by her hair weave and tossed her to the floor. The woman and her hairdresser have been advised to press charges.

RIGHT PLACE, WRONG BAG: An intelligent crook took his act on the road to a local woman's show, apparently thinking that the yearly event was the perfect place to sell his counterfeit purses and wallets. A customer at the show reportedly comlained that her Koach bag was a fake, and the man was caught and now faces jail time.

ONE DEHYDRATED THIEF: An unknown person broke into a man's garage and stole one case of 12-pack sports drink bottles, and a case of fruit punch cartons.

I HATE MONDAYS!: A local elementary student's bad day hit a high note when he began yelling in class, cursing people out, and beating on the walls and chairs. The student then left the classroom and began yelling in the hallway. Police were called to the scene. When the young student was placed into a squad car, he attempted to break out the window with his feet. The student was released to his father.

NO REFILLS: A possibly thirsty man was using the water hose of a business one afternoon when the manager came out and told him to leave. The man and the manager began to argue. The man then went inside to talk to another manager, afer which he was violently pushed outside by store employees.

BE MY BABY: A woman who had had enough of the sound of a baby crying in the next apartment began banging on the walls to urge the parents to calm down the infant. After 10 minutes of banging didn't lead to any decrease in the baby's bawling, she knocked on their door but no one ever answered. Frustrated, she called police who also heard the baby's wails but couldn't get anyone to open up. They asked the apartment complex manager to open the door, after which they noted that the baby's sounds were coming from a CD player's speakers. The apartment's renters were contacted and they explained that they had bought a CD of baby cries while at the beach and thought it would be a good way to keep burglars out. The apartment manager said there has never been a burglary at his complex.

Blotter items are selected from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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