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FORCED BUSING: A middle school teacher called police to report that her car had been stolen. She stated that shortly after class had let out for the day, she noticed that her vehicle key and remote were missing from the key ring. After checking the faculty parking lot and finding her car, she went back inside and called her dealership to obtain a new set of keys. When she returned to the parking lot, however, her car was gone.

HEADED TO NEW YORK?: Weeks after major blackouts hit the Northeast, a local man called police to report that his power generator had been stolen from his backyard. Rumored sightings of New York mayor Michael Bloomberg in the Charlotte metro area can't be confirmed at this time.

USE THE DO NOT CALL LIST: After the seventh call to her home, a woman informed police she was being harassed. The first call woke her up while she was sleeping; no one said anything to her, but very loud music blared in the background. The unknown person called again, and when the woman refused to answer, he left his name on her answering machine. The woman used caller ID when the next call came in, and the harasser left his cell phone number with the following call. A phone technician later called the number left on her answering machine, but the harasser stated he had simply dialed the wrong number.

REMOTE CONTROL WARRIOR: The classic debate between man and woman over the TV clicker hit an all time low when a man became enraged when his wife changed the channel he was watching. He grabbed her by the waist and threw her to the floor, injuring her left arm and elbow.

NOW THAT'S A LOUD RADIO!: A man called police to report that a radio was stolen out of a bulldozer. It was installed in a diamond-plated box in the ceiling of the machine, but the doors were not locked at the time of the theft. Curious citizens can now sleep better knowing that Bob and Sheri aren't really lending a hand on the I-85 construction. Nope, it's just a bunch of bulldozers with sound systems loud enough to drown out the clamor.

WELL WORTH THE EFFORT: Officers responded to the address of a call regarding a suicide attempt and were met by a fire department ladder company and a medic. The workers attempted to get the resident to open the door, to no avail. The door was eventually forced open but no one was found inside the residence. Officers were notified shortly afterward that the complainant had just checked into a hospital. Before leaving the scene, officers contacted the Housing Authority to have the door replaced.

TIME FOR A POWER SCREWDRIVER: A woman called police to report being attacked by a male friend. She said she'd been having trouble with the man in the past and was changing the deadbolt lock the day of the incident. Just as the woman was putting the final screw in the lock, the man arrived and kicked in the door to her apartment. The doorframe and lock were damaged, and the door hit the woman in the face. The man then entered her home and began choking her.

TIME FOR THE PATCH: Someone smashed the front glass door of a grocery store with a brick and stole approximately 40 cartons of cigarettes.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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