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Reality WWF: Two women got into a fight during which one of the women was head-butted and slapped three times.

Phoney customer: A woman reported that a person that she didn't know used her identity to obtain a cell phone on her existing account. She said she had no idea how the person got her information.

Incommunicado: Someone doesn't want a local man to know anything, as he or she knocked the postal box off its post at the man's house, and then pulled the newspaper box out of the ground twice.

Potty Training: Someone forced open the women's bathroom door at a local business and vandalized the bathroom by pulling the sink from the wall and burning letters into the ceiling. The culprit also destroyed the tops of the toilets in the men's bathroom.

No Brand Loyalty: After a local grocery store closed for the night, someone pried open the locked doors, bypassed all the food and took a few cartons of various brands of cigarettes.

Family Values: A woman who is separated from her husband let her children spend some time with her mother-in-law. When Granny brought the kids home, the two women began to argue, with the mother-in-law yelling at the woman for leaving her son. Soon, the argument became so heated that a fight started, during which the mother-in-law choked the children's mother.

Defrosted: While driving down the road, a man tried to clear up his windshield, which had fogged up. He let his car drift too far to the right and he hit a car parked on the side of the road, tearing off his own fender. The driver fled the scene, but the VIN number was retrieved from the busted fender, and he was later confronted by police at his home and issued a citation.

Card-inal Sin: A man came up to the register in a local store, holding two greeting cards in his hand. He then asked for a pack of cigarettes but after all the items had been rung up, he said he needed to get more money, took the cards and never returned.

No ID, No Car, No Pampers: Two friends were arguing and somehow one person wound up with the identification cards of the other person and her child. The first person left, taking not only the baby's diaper, but also the mother's car. The mother was stranded with no way to get more diapers or to get to work the next day.

Condiment Conundrum: Pranksters sprayed a woman's front door and doormat with ketchup while she was escaping the afternoon heat inside her home. The woman called police after stepping outside in the evening and discovering the mess.

Popping Wheelies: Someone took the rear passenger side tire from the locked car a man had left in his driveway. The hubcap and lug nuts were left beside the car and a rock was used to hold up the car.

Man With A Plan: A man entered a store, took a package of beef jerky and a pair of sunglasses without paying for them, and left. Evidently he was in a hurry to work on his tan while munching dried-out meat.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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