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The Blotter


A Mighty Thirst:A store's former employee came into the store and tried to leave without paying for some items. The manager caught her outside and retrieved five 22-ounce cans of Budweiser from her apparently very large purse.

The Party's Over:The owners of a local Charlotte business had to stop the party they were throwing because they were in violation of Charlotte's "Dance Hall Ordinance."

It's For You:During an argument, a man was struck with a phone that was thrown at him. The man told officials that he did not need to make a call, so there was no reason for the phone to be thrown at him.

Hot Head:While attempting to breathe fire out of his mouth, a man caught his face and head on fire. For his next trick, he will attempt to wise up.

Holy Graffiti:A church's rear wall was defaced by a person spray painting an image on the wall. The image appeared to be Jesus on the cross.

Purloined Pottery: A store employee arrived at work to find that her business had been broken into. The only thing missing was a ceramic vase that had been sitting on a table just inside the broken window.

Cigar? Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?:A man walked into a grocery store, took some cigars off the shelf and out of their package, and put them down the front of his pants. He was later caught, "patted down," and issued a citation. No word on whether the cigars were returned to the shelf.

Lights Out:A man called police after his ex-girlfriend came to his house, saw that his new girlfriend was there, and started kicking his car, resulting in a busted front left headlight.

It's Your Turn:An argument over taking out the garbage broke out between a woman and her friend. During the argument, the friend threw the garbage can at the woman, hitting her in the back.

In or out?:A woman was assaulted in her vehicle by her ex-boyfriend. First, the ex pulled her out of the car by her hair. He then forced her back into the car, drove to another location, kicked her out, and drove off in her car.

Pepsi Lover:A woman who works at a local apartment complex called police after she discovered the Coke machine inside the complex had been smashed. The perpetrator gained access to the machine via crow bar, and beat the machine until it could no longer function.

Origins Unknown: An automatic teller machine was recovered from behind a nightclub. It was unknown at the time where the ATM had been stolen from.

Relatively Safe:A man was choking a woman during a fight. When the woman's 9-year-old relative jumped on the man's back to help her, the woman was able to break free and grab a pair of scissors to protect herself. At that point the man ran away and authorities were called.

Stop The Shoe:In another fight between a man and a woman, the woman was struck in the head with a shoe. Guess he was trying to pump her up.

Trench Warfare:A man called police after someone "trenched" his yard with a vehicle. The man said it appeared that the delinquent drove around in circles in the front yard. He was particularly annoyed since this was the second time it had happened.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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