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Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.


While you were out: An unknown number of vandals entered a residence and attempted to fill the bathtub and the kitchen sink to overflowing. One of the vandals, however, turned off the running water and left a note for the resident.

What a package!: A storeowner stated that a man came into his store, concealed eight or nine bottles of wine in his pants and left the store without paying. The man then drove away. It's not known whether he removed the bottles of wine from his pants before driving.

Got Balls?: A man reported that he heard a noise that woke him around 3am, but he didn't bother to go outside to see what was going on. When he finally checked on the noise, he discovered that his soccer net had been slashed and his soccer ball stolen.

Could it be any easier?: A woman called police to report that her car had been stolen from her place of employment. Police questioning revealed that she had left her car doors unlocked and there was a spare key "hidden" in the magnetic box under the frame of the vehicle.

Itchy situation: A store's security officer observed a woman remove an item from the store shelf, take it out of the box, place the empty box back on the shelf, place the item in her pants pocket, and then walk out of the store. The officer stopped and detained the woman outside of the store and she was later charged with larceny of a tube of Lotrimin cream.

Clean Getaway: While a man was taking a shower, someone came into his apartment, ran into the bathroom where he was showering, and stole his wallet out of his trousers. The thief then ran back out of the apartment.

I'm melting!: A man called police to report that someone had thrown a bucket of water on him.

Just Say No: A woman reported that a man had been making harassing phone calls to her and her husband. She also claimed that, in another call, the caller asked her why she came to his house and yelled obscenities at him. In yet another call, he informed the woman that he had called Eckerd Drugs and told the pharmacist to stop giving her anti-depressants.

One Mean Mother. . . .: A threat was communicated to a woman at her home. The threatener said, "I'm going to get you, bitch. I'm going to have my mother come and fuck you up." The threatenee stated that she believes the threat will be carried out because this particular mother has come to her job before to try to scare her.

Say "May I": A car was stolen while the owner was inside a gas station paying for his gas. He said that even though his keys were still in the ignition and his car was left running at the time of the incident, no one had his permission to steal his car.

Card Games: A woman told police that someone she knew was walking behind her when that person came up and snatched her food stamp card and identification card from her hand and ran from the scene.

Room Number, Please: Police were called to a hotel where a woman who was staying there told them that a man she knew had come in, assaulted her, threatened her with bodily harm and threatened to blow up her house the next time she went there. Police went to the woman's house and found the man, pouring white paint on the woman's clothing.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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