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The Blotter


Mail-Order Morphine: While rifling through mailboxes, a thief found and stole a man's supply of morphine. The thief removed the morphine from the envelope in which it had been shipped to the man and ran away with his find.

Mission Complete:
By hiding in a bathroom tangent to a local business, a cat burglar gained access to the business after it had closed. The thief entered the business through the drywall of the adjoining bathroom, searched a locked file cabinet, and stole cash from the register drawers. On top of that, the robber carried off a safe weighing less than 40 pounds and 10 videotapes before leaving through a rear door.

Rock On, Dude:
As a man sat at a red light uptown, he grew alarmed when he heard the sound of objects pelting his car. He saw four teens on the roof of a nearby hotel throwing rocks, so he called the police. The police caught four teens in the vicinity, but the man couldn't definitely identify those particular teens as the ones who had damaged his car, and the teens were released. The officers did find rocks in the intersection where the incident occurred, however, so their time wasn't completely wasted.

Just Another Brick:
Upon arriving at his store, the owner of a local beauty center noticed that someone had damaged a retaining wall behind his store overnight. About 40 bricks had disappeared from the wall, so the owner called police.

She Came In Through The Bedroom Window:
An angry girlfriend forced her way into her boyfriend's home by pulling off a window screen and climbing through the bedroom window. At the time, her boyfriend was in bed asleep. After refusing to leave, the girlfriend pulled out a switchblade and threatened to cut her boyfriend. Rather than fight and risk getting cut, the boyfriend walked to the corner store, called 911, and waited there for police to arrive.

Residents of an apartment found closure after puzzling for months over missing food. Since February, the women living in the apartment had noticed food randomly disappearing from their mini-fridge. They guessed that someone had a key to their apartment, but didn't ask their landlord to change the locks until recently. While one of the women stood on her balcony, she spotted a man inside the apartment near her roommate's door. He ran when he realized the woman had noticed him. Upon inspecting her roommate's room, she found the man had attempted to steal food from her fridge. After the incident, the women's landlord consented to change their deadbolt lock.

At The Hoe-Down: During an altercation between a man and an acquaintance, the friend threw a shovel through the man's driver's side window.

Sign of the Times:
The owner of a business called police after discovering several missing cardboard and metal signs which had provided directions to various real estate locations. This incident follows several other thefts, as the crook has been stealing signs from the business every weekend since the middle of June.

Brief Announcement:
Police nabbed two thieves outside a department store after store employees caught some unusual activity on camera. The pilferers worked as a team to steal a $6 pair of underwear by tearing off the tags and stashing the underwear in their socks. Police recovered the panties and returned them to the store.

A Feat for Houdini:
A badgering caller threatened to twist beyond common lengths to injure a man. The heckler repeatedly threatened him by saying, "If you put the phone down, I will come through the phone" and, "When will your parents be home?"

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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