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The Blotter


Five Finger Inventory: A man pretending to be a tobacco representative walked into a local grocery store and demanded to take inventory of the stock. When he began loading a box with cigarette cartons, an employee questioned his identity and asked him to leave. The man complied without taking any merchandise, but on the next day he came back to the store. As soon as he realized that the same employee had spotted him, he ran to his car and drove away.

Gone Fishing: When a man woke up to discover that his car was missing, he found a note from the person who borrowed the car stating, "Your car is safe, I'll be right back." The man spoke to the person who took the car in the afternoon, and the person promised to return the car by 5pm. When the person never showed, the man called police. The next day, an officer found the car abandoned at a Fish Camp.

Before The Ice Cream Melts: In the ten minutes a woman left her keys in her front door lock while she put away her groceries, a thief had time to strike. When the woman went to retrieve her keys, she realized that both her keys and her car were missing.

Scissorhands Strikes Again: During an argument over a cell phone call, an angry woman attempted to cut her friend with a pair of pruning shears.

Firewall: After trying to make a purchase and having his credit card denied, a man attempted to access his account online. However, he learned that his billing information had been changed. When he found out how to access the new location of the account, the man discovered the credit card scammer had designed an e-mail account to alert him when the man accessed this new account. In response, the credit card company cancelled this account and restored the man's original charges. The crook forged nearly $2,000 in charges.

Fire Up That Grill: By cutting off the lock to an outside cage, thieves gained entry to a gas station's propane supply and stole 16 propane tanks.

Snoop-de-Ville: While partying at a nightclub in north Charlotte, a man realized he misplaced the keys to his friend's Cadillac. He had borrowed the car to go to the club, and went to the parking lot to check on the car when he discovered he'd lost the keys. By the time he made it to the parking lot, a thief had stolen the car.

View From The Rear: Although a man had caused trouble at a grocery store, he returned to the store the next day to make a purchase. When an employee recognized and tried to detain the man, he ran. The employee chased him to his car to write down the tag number, but to prevent his identity from being revealed, the troublemaker gunned the car and attempted to back over the employee. While the employee dodged the car, he failed to get the tag number.

Munchie Relief: Burglars broke into a man's car while it sat in its owner's driveway. Among the items listed as stolen were several fast food coupons and a fast food authorization stamp.

Against The Odds: Four or five thieves watched as their accomplice tried to rob a man at gunpoint. One thief approached the man and threatened him with a gun, but the man resisted. As the thief and the man struggled over the gun, the thief's co-conspirators offered no assistance. Finally, the man warded off the attack, and the thieves ran away without harming the man or taking any of his property.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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