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Quick Slam: A teenager quickly disposed of the beer he stole after grocery store workers saw him slip three Heinekens into his pockets and walk outside. The employees called police who, within minutes of the theft, caught the teen and located his three emptied beer bottles. No word on the teen's sobriety.

Taking The Heat Off:An uncomfortable thief broke into an east Charlotte hotel and stole the office's air conditioning unit as well as $311 cash from the register.Childproof Locks: In a futile attempt to get away after his arrest, a man ripped the door handle off the inside of a police car while being detained.

Mr. Gun Happy Calls The Cops: Burglars who broke into a man's apartment knew exactly what to look for once inside. The thieves stole his AK-47, 500 rounds of armor-piercing 7.26 ammunition, a lockbox containing the paperwork for the firearm, and $500 in coins.Sneak Attack: While he wasn't paying attention, an unsuspecting street vendor fell victim to a fast thief. The robber stole five pairs of sneakers, valued at $100, from the vendor's stand.

A Clean Break: When a woman came home on the morning of Friday the 13th, she caught an uninvited member of her family coming out of her shower. The relative had forced his way into her home but ran away when she called police.

Love Is Strange: Loud arguing among residents at a motel prompted a neighbor to call the cops. When an officer arrived, a man told him that during a fierce argument, the loud man had hit his girlfriend in the left ear with a beer bottle. In retaliation, the man's girlfriend hit him over the head with a wire coat hanger and cut him above his left eye. However, the couple, who had dated for nine years, denied hitting each other and refused to take legal action.

In A Dreamworld: A woman thought she was only dreaming when she heard rattling at her front door in the middle of the night. But when she awoke in the morning and checked her door, she realized that she had heard someone try to pry off the lock. Although the person partially damaged the lock, he wasn't able to break in.

High and Dry: An observant officer noticed something amiss at a car dealer's service training center when he spied a car sitting on its axles. The officer reported that thieves stole the rims and wheels, valued at $750, from the car, but had no idea when the theft occurred.On A Similar Note: A thief broke into a custom van parked outside a car rental center and stole two factory installed TVs and TV mounts.

So Much For Owning Up: After the manager at a movie theater confronted one of the theater's employees over $92 missing from a cash register, the employee admitted to the theft. She paid back the money she had stolen, but her boss nonetheless reported the incident to police.

Hell Hath No Fury: A woman who had been dating her boyfriend for several years got so mad at him during an argument, she punched him several times in the face. Still enraged, she then followed up by punching and cracking the windshield of a nearby car.

Iraqi Looters, Take A Lesson: Vandals took advantage of a woman's abandoned residence by plundering and damaging the place. The perpetrators took the stove, refrigerator, kitchen table and chairs, and lawnmower. In addition to the thefts, the folks involved damaged all the house's walls and windows as well as the front and screen door. The destroyed property alone totaled $20,000.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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