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Smash and Trim:
Vandals gained entry into a barbershop recently by smashing out the glass portion of the clip joint's front door. Once they gained entry, the suspects stole a cash register drawer, a bank bag, $800 in cash, and a pair of electric clippers.

What a Coincidence:
While taking care of some business at the DMV, a motorist was informed by employees that another motorist had his same Social Security Number.

Dude, Where's My Car?:
A motorist told police that, while accompanied by another man, he pulled into a truck stop to purchase a drink, leaving the passenger -- and the car keys -- inside the vehicle. Upon returning "two minutes later," the man was surprised to find all of them gone. According to the police report, the suspected car thief is "not known to the victim."

Burn, Baby, Burn:
A man claimed he was assaulted after he confronted a colleague about a "situation." After being confronted, the suspect allegedly threw a burning candle at the victim, splattering hot wax on his shirt. He then threw a baby chair at the victim, striking him in the face.

Double Trouble:
While riding double, two bicyclists were clipped by a truck and run off the road. The reckless motorist stopped briefly, but then continued on his bicycle-bumping way. Both victims were transported to the hospital. Their injuries were reported as minor.

Shotgun Shenanigans:
Two brothers summoned police after they were assaulted with a 12-gauge shotgun. Considering the weapon, the relatively lucky brothers reported that the suspect pointed the shotgun at one of them, and then, still using the gun, struck the other brother in the neck.

The Running Robber:
While downtown, a man was approached by a stranger, who asked for money. When the victim did not comply, the begging bad guy, while two witnesses looked on, proceeded to push, punch and kick the victim. Still not done, the suspect then chased the beaten man around his car several times before fleeing on foot. The victim stated he did not know the suspect, and had no idea why he would assault and attempt to rob him.

Rockin' in the USA:
A construction worker was operating a forklift at a local school when he noticed a couple of kids milling about. The worker's suspicions were roused because there had been reports recently of youngsters in the area pelting people with rocks. Sure enough, while he was preoccupied with the forklift, the worker was struck in the knee with a rock, followed by a second one that whizzed by his head. By the time the stoned forklift driver turned around, the kids were already running away. Teachers and custodian employees saw the fleeing students, and brought them to the principal's office.

Follow That Cab!:
A driver for a local cab company was dispatched to a hotel to pick up a customer. The customer told the driver the address he wanted to go to. When the cab got close to that location, the customer wanted to be taken to a friend's house so that he could get the money for the cab fare. The friend in question had no money either, so the customer requested yet another location where his money supposedly was being held. The cab driver drove the customer to that location and then called 911 so the police could meet him there. After all those stops, the customer was unable to pay for the cab ride and was placed under arrest for failure to pay cab fare.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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