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Not The Blotter:
A woman called police after she received disturbing phone calls about an article she had written.

Just The Right Size:
While washing his clothes at a laundromat, a man stepped away from his dryer for a few minutes. When he returned, he found that someone had taken a couple of work shirts and some of his underwear.

All The Time In The World: A woman called police and reported that someone had been calling her and harassing her for four years. She doesn't want anyone arrested, she just wants the calling to stop.

Second Best:
A failed auto thief was unsuccessul in attempts to enter a woman's SUV, so he or she settled for stealing the spare tire off the back of the vehicle.

Relief At Last: A man walked into a grocery store and took 100 single packs of Tylenol Sinus.

Insolvent Sufferer:
In other medical news, a man walked into a store and stole some packs of Goody's Headache Powders.

Nothing Says I Love You:
A man was at the jewelry counter of a department store and asked to see a diamond ring. When the sales associate stepped over to help another customer, the man picked up the ring and walked out of the store.

Advance Planning:
A man went into a restaurant, ordered a meal, ate it, walked out without paying, and left in a car that had been waiting for him outside the eatery.

How Do You Say Stalker?:
A woman called police after someone followed her flashing his headlights one day, left a note on her car window the next day, returned two days later to leave another note, and followed her around town for awhile the following day. The last straw was when she returned home that day and found yet another note, this one on her front door.

Wide Load:
Someone broke into a home that was nearly finished being constructed, removed the door, and left with the refrigerator, washer and dryer.

A teacher at a local school called police after noticing that three mobile classrooms had been broken into. The first two trailers had the rear windows smashed, whereas the third trailer had been left unlocked. The person who broke in didn't take anything but did empty the contents of a fire extinguisher into the third trailer.

Chicken Noodle Burns: A man and a woman who live together got into and argument about what to watch on TV. The woman threw a bowl of soup on the man's lap. The man then got up and pushed the woman into a standing plant. Both the man and woman were arrested.

Cancel The Fondue Party:
A man tried to leave a store after concealing several packages of cheese in his clothing. Cheddar Boy was stopped by store security and held until the police arrived.

Hole-y Shit!:
A man returned home to find that someone had drilled a half-inch hole in the wooden front door. The hole was halfway up the left side of the door, on the opposite side of the lock and handle. The driller's motive is unclear.

Easter Leftovers:
A man called police after seeing two men throwing eggs at his car. All of the eggs hit the car, and the two men ran off when they noticed the car owner's presence.

Please Hang Up And Try Again:
During an argument at a woman's house between her and her boyfriend, the man suddenly began ripping the woman's phones out of the wall, and then followed up his vandalism with a threat to kill her. At this point, the woman thought it wise to call the police.

Who To Believe?:
A domestic dispute wound up with the police being called to investigate. A man and woman both agreed that they had been sitting around drinking alcoholic beverages and had started arguing. The man said the woman suddenly began breaking furniture, pictures and other items and when he tried to calm her down, she bit him on his left bicep. The woman said that during their initial argument, the man had hurt her and it was then that she bit his bicep and followed up by running through the house breaking things.

Open Sesame: Someone apparently had the wrong address when he tried to drive his vehicle into another man's garage. The car slammed into the garage door, causing severe damage. A quick check around the neighborhood did not reveal any cars with damaged hoods so it is assumed the crasher was not only at the wrong house but also the wrong street. And yes, this happened on a Saturday night.

Grilling Out Tonight:
The fire department was called to put out a fire that torched a dumpster.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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