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Smooth Operator:
A woman who had left her boyfriend began receiving phone calls, or at least phone messages, from the ex-paramour about 10 times a day, asking her to come back. By the end of each day, the messages became more and more threatening. Finally, lover boy said he was going to rip the side mirrors from her car, and sure enough, she went out the next morning and had no mirrors on her car. It appears that Romeo had also poured sugar into the gas tank of her car.

Better Than A Bong:
A man called police after witnessing someone using a crack pipe to scratch the paint off a car that was parked in his driveway.

Pole Winner:
A man reported that someone had stolen his mailbox and the pole it was sitting on. He later recovered the two items "down the road"; it appears that someone had run over the mailbox and dragged it.

Nasty Habits:
A thief busted through the front door of a local business and stole 230 packs of cigarettes.

Dish and the Spoon, Etc.:
While they were working out in their front yard, a couple was informed by a neighbor that their house had been broken into. The neighbor said she saw a woman carrying silverware down a path at the rear of the home. The woman had apparently gained entry through an unlocked backdoor. Most of the silverware was recovered by neighborhood kids in a creek behind the home.

Hide and Reek:
A "smelly thief" walked into a grocery store, picked up a bottle of body wash and ibuprofen, concealed them in his presumably smelly clothes and unsuccessfully tried to flee the store.

Not Driving With A Full Tank:
After pumping $12 worth of gas, a driver and passenger sped away from a gas station without paying.

Bad Influence of Rock:
For unknown reasons, someone who was walking by an office building that was under construction picked up a rock and broke out a window in what was to be a conference room.

Picking On The Wrong People:
Someone began repeatedly calling the 911 police emergency phone line, harassing the operator and using profanity, then hanging up and calling back again. Police were dispatched to check on the caller's welfare.

Spare Change:
After prying open a window, a thief entered a man's home and made his way to the bedroom where he or she took a small wooden box containing a variety of coins.

Summertime Blues:
While shopping for the latest fashions, a woman concealed a two-piece swimsuit in her bag and tried to walk out of the store without paying. She was detained and the swimsuit was returned to its rightful rack.

Destructive Caffeine Addict:
A guest at a local hotel, after having damaged one of those valuable hotel hair dryers, took the coffeemaker with him while checking out.

In other appliance thievery news, someone entered a house that was under construction and stole the microwave. Police reports did not explain why a house under construction would already have a microwave installed in it.

Caution Wet Chicken:
A woman reported that while her car was parked in the employee parking lot at her place of employment, someone dented the hood of her car with an unknown object, threw leftover fried chicken and chicken bones onto the hood, and scratched it with a key. The woman also stated that a "caution wet floor" sign from inside the building was on top of her car but no damage was seen from the plastic sign.

Clothes Encounter:
A shopper pushed a shopping cart full of brand name clothing to a store's checkout counter. Suddenly, a thief picked up the clothing, ran out the door, jumped into a waiting car, and rode away. The thief got away with 40 pairs of jeans and 12 shirts, and the shopper had to start all over again.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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