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Someone Needs A Time-Out:
On restriction for his behavior, a medical patient was advised several times to remain in his room. The patient started to throw his body against the walls, causing damage to them. When an orderly tried to enter the man's room, the patient pushed the door and struck the orderly in the shoulder.

That's Good Eating:
A local woman called police after receiving harassing phone calls for two weeks. The person leaves a message calling her by name and then saying, "we black people eat good." The caller has also threatened to kick the woman's butt. The woman said she didn't know how the caller got her phone number, even though she is listed in the phone book.

The Case of the Indecisive Hotel Guest:
A local woman became angry when she couldn't get into a hotel room, so she decided to break the window. Once the window was broken, she just walked away from the scene.

Mean Streets:
In a failed attempt to gain entry into a car, a teenager picked up a piece of broken asphalt and caused damage to the car's passenger window and rear windshield.

Snack Break:
Someone entered a business through a locked overhead door and broke into a drink machine and a snack machine. The crook got away with an unknown amount of coins and snack loot and countless empty calories.

Store Brands Are Just As Good:
A local drugstore was robbed of $200 worth of the store's brand of Naproxen Sodium. Somebody's apparently got one heck of an arthritis problem.

Promises, Promises:
After being threatened over the phone for several days in a row, a local man contacted police. He said the caller would say things like, "I'm gonna put you in the hospital," and "I'm gonna kick your butt," although the caller's only apparent follow-through was yet more calls.

Hunting Season:
Several juveniles were playing with a BB gun. When a local woman came around the corner, one of the kids pointed the gun at her, and accidentally shot her in the head.

That's Some Cookout:
Someone cut the locks off two wire mesh cages and stole 14 individual propane tanks from a local store.

600 Pack A Day Habit:
Using a blunt object, someone smashed in the front door of a local convenience store, then got away with 60 cartons of cigarettes.

Cyber Smut-mouth:
A local woman called police after the person she was communicating with in an Internet chat room started using vulgar and sexually explicit language.

And Now It Starts All Over Again:
A student at a local school tried to hit his teacher with a pipe. Reason? The student was upset over the punishment the school gave him for a previous action.

That's My Seat:
A local woman called police to report that she was sitting on a couch when someone came up to her and grabbed her by the arm and threw her onto another couch.

Who Put That There?:
A driver ran his car off the road and struck a guide wire, damaging the streetlight. The vehicle came to rest in the middle of the road and the driver fled on foot.

Between The Eyes:
Some police reports are short and sweet, or even in a minimalist vein. A local man was punched in the head by another man. Period, end of story.

Don't Answer That:
A local woman called police after someone communicated threats over the phone. The person calling her stated that he was going to "get her."

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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