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Southern Hospitality:
An elderly man was the victim of an unusual robbery. A woman entered his home and helped herself to a sandwich. After eating all that she wanted, she stood up and hit the man in the head with a wall-mounted sculpture of a large gold key. This knocked him to the floor, at which point the woman reached into his pocket, taking his wallet and then leaving the property.

Your Hands Look Full:
A group of high school kids vandalized and stole property from the home of a local man. The juvenile delinquents punched several tennis ball-sized holes in the walls. The man's carpet will also have to be replaced after the kids spilled drinks on it and tracked in mud. Along with the vandalizing, they also removed items from the property, including an outdoor statue, 20 bottles of various wines, eight bottles of various liqueurs, and a wide variety of DVDs, including Ice Age and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

Puppy Love:
A local man offered puppies for sale and a buyer came by to look at them. The person debated and finally picked the one that he wanted, but first he wanted to see the papers on the dog. The seller went to his truck to get the papers, at which point the thief took off running with the puppy in hand.

Tip Of The Day:
A coffee shop was the prime target of a robbery. An unknown person walked into the establishment and stole the tip jar off the counter next to the cash register. It contained approximately $40 in tips.

A Charlotte man found practically his entire golf club collection stolen after someone broke into his garage and made off with (in golf lingo) "one driver, one three wood, one five wood, one seven wood, one putter and one pitching wedge."

Just A Friendly Check-Up:
A local woman received a phone call from a man who, claiming to work for one of the local fire departments, stated that he just wanted to check her smoke detectors. Somehow the conversation turned nasty, prompting the woman's father to not only call the man back to inform him of his rude behavior but also to notify the authorities.

Ball In the Corner Pocket:
Two people were involved in a confrontation at a pool table. The victim said that he and another man had gotten into an argument, at which point the suspect hit him in the head with a cue ball. The offender left the scene before police arrived.

In other pool-related news, a man had been playing the game for several hours at a local pool hall. When it came time to pay the bill, he told the attendant that the bill was too high and refused to pay. He bolted from the pool hall, and the attendant was unable to provide the police with any information that might have aided them in apprehending him.

Just To Be Mean:
A handicapped man informed police that he was receiving numerous phone calls from a juvenile who continually made fun of his physical disability by calling him "knubs" and then cursing at him.

Hope It's Free Nights And Weekends:
A woman has reported that she's been called at least 100 times by an acquaintance, who keeps making threats like, "I'm going to blast you." She fully believes that the threats could be carried out.

More Than An Easy Bake Oven:
A local woman reported that someone entered her vacant apartment and made off with (of all things) her stove.

Chairs Are For Sitting:
A local woman called police after claiming to have been assaulted. She said that the offender picked up a nearby chair and slammed it down on her foot.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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