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The Blotter


Color Coordinated:
A local woman discovered that her shed had been broken into. The thief took one yellow weed eater, one red chainsaw, and one green chainsaw. He also snatched a red grass blower, as well as a red and silver tiller and a blue sander. The woman has no suspect information at this time.

Just Trying To Help:
A restaurant security guard was attempting to subdue an unruly customer when another customer attempted to assist. They were trying to carry the suspect outside when he bit the other customer on his left calf. The bite was severe enough to break through the man's skin and draw blood. The suspect was arrested and taken to jail.

Control Freak:
When a female acquaintance informed him that she was going to visit some friends, a local man became upset, threatening to harm her car and her dog. Several hours later, she found that the top of her convertible had been slashed open, but luckily, her pet was unharmed.

A Pair To Match:
A local couple discovered late one night that someone had stolen the hubcaps off their vehicle's passenger side tires. The thief made no effort to enter the car and did no other visible damage. The car was parked in a closed-gate parking lot, but the gate was open for employees.

Slam Dunk:
Discovering that his basketball had gone missing, a local man called for police help. Later that day, after having filed his report, the man recovered his basketball from the front lawn of a neighbor's home.

Oooh, That Smarts:
During an argument, a man was physically assaulted by an acquaintance, who kicked him once in the groin and then slapped him three times across the face. The incident was reported as non-domestic violence.

Clean Up Your Mess:
After leaving an argument in a fit of rage, a young male, who was the boyfriend of the tenant's sister, slammed the door shut behind him with such force that the door shattered and all of the glass was broken out. He then fled the scene on foot.

Disagreeing over something during a verbal argument, a local man became very agitated and proceeded to knock a computer off an office counter. Apparently, that did not release all of his anger because he then threw a telephone on the ground. Both of the items were reported as damaged.

That's Going To Leave A Mark:
During an assault, a local man sustained injuries when his attacker bit the man and scratched him on his back. The man called for police assistance, and the visibility of the wounds was noted. The biting, scratching delinquent was arrested on the spot.

Getting Out Of Hand:
Officers were called out to a local business after a fire was reported during the night. A local man was holed up in the locked building after starting the blaze with cloth rags; he had started the fire as a means to keep warm. He was arrested on the scene and fire investigators were notified.

Be Quiet:
While on the phone, a local woman had an acquaintance come by her home to drop off the child support he owed her. The man became agitated when she would not get off the phone, so he yelled at her and then left the residence. The woman contacted police and the man is no longer allowed on the premises.

Not Friends 'Til The End:
A local man reported that a former friend and colleague was stealing from the company and so he started court proceedings to prosecute him. As a result of the proceedings, the offender, highly upset, rammed his car into the man's decorative gate column. The man then called the lawbreaker and told him that he had committed an act of vandalism, at which point the gate crasher began to call the man on a regular basis, leaving voice mail messages threatening to do bodily harm.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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