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The Blotter

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.


Ready And Waiting:
Winter weather is causing many Charlotte residents to be a little less than cautious about leaving their cars running and unoccupied. One man left his car running in his driveway in order to warm it up and then went back inside. When he came out again, lo and behold, someone had stolen his car. A similar situation occurred with another individual on his way to the Laundromat. After starting his van and leaving it to gather up his clothes and wife, he discovered upon returning that his ride had been stolen. Another woman guilty of the same behavior actually watched as someone hopped in her idling car and drove off. The lesson learned: It's better to drive a cold car than no car at all.

Perilous Piggy-Back Rides:
After leaving a local nightclub, a group of friends were walking to their cars when one woman decided she needed a quicker mode of transportation than her own two feet. She jumped up on a friend's back in order for him to carry her the rest of the way. Unfortunately, her carrier was a little inebriated and not so sure on his feet and stumbled to the ground, dropping the woman in the process. She fell headfirst and received a gash on her head. She was soon taken to the hospital and the incident was entered as a "public accident."

In Need Of Change:
Desperate for a quick buck, several men decided that a vending machine was the answer to their financial hardships. They found a way to sneak into an unsuspecting business and headed not for the safe or register, but for the breakroom. Once inside, they broke into a soda machine and hit the quarter jackpot. A whopping $25 in small change was stolen from the machine but everything else in the business was left untouched.

He's Good For It:
During a very busy day at a local gas station, a truck driver managed to steal over 30 gallons worth of diesel. The alert attendant was able to get the vehicle information, however, "by using his binoculars." While the truck driver was still pumping gas into his truck, two other individuals driving another vehicle entered the store. When they noticed that the attendant was writing down the truck driver's information "because he was acting in a suspicious manner," they informed the attendant that they knew the man and that he always paid by credit and would come inside and pay. The two individuals then went outside and talked with the truck driver and they all left at that point. Last time they vouch for that guy.

A Couple Of Grinches:
While she was away from home, some unwanted intruders entered a woman's house and made off with a good portion of her personal belongings. They took the usual: stereo equipment valued at $400, a $100 VCR, a $200 television, and a $90 cordless phone. The heartless thieves also took some more interesting items, including a bubble lamp and a water fountain. But they sunk to their lowest level when they took what was under the Christmas tree: $600 worth of wrapped Christmas presents.

Take A Picture, It'll Last Longer:
While at a party, it's common to bring a camera to capture the festivities. One woman did just that and brought her $400 digital camera to a party she was attending. At one point, she dropped the camera but when she bent down to retrieve it, she couldn't find it. A short while later, a good Samaritan found the camera and began walking around in an attempt to find the owner. When asked, one woman claimed that she lived at the home where the party was taking place and that she would "hold onto it" until the owner could be located. The good Samaritan then left the camera in the woman's charge and soon came upon the camera's owner. After speaking with her, he realized that the woman claiming to live in the house was lying. When the two went to find the woman, she had already left the party, one digital camera richer.

Some Nerve:
One thief had no intentions of hiding his illegal activity last week. This man walked into a home improvement store and headed toward the aisle where sewage pumps were located. After selecting a pump, he removed it from its box and began to walk out of the store with it. He walked right past the cashier and then through the security device, which was immediately activated. The man was apprehended and the sewage pump was placed back in its box. Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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