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It's Curtains For You:When a Charlotte woman arrived home, she was welcomed by a ransacked apartment. It seems that someone managed to gain entry into her home and decided to trash the place. Once the woman somewhat recovered from the shock of her home being in shambles, she soon realized that two items had apparently been stolen. One of the items was a $250 VCR and, oddly enough, the second item was a $15 shower curtain.

Given The Boot: Last week, an unauthorized car was found parked in a private parking area. When it was discovered, one of the employees at the parking facility had the car "booted." The owner of the car soon arrived and grudgingly went through the process of paying for the boot to be removed from his car. After signing the credit card receipt, the car owner, unable to control his anger, kicked another car as a way of protest for having to pay for the boot's removal. The man then took off before the police could arrive.

Carted Off: It seems someone is in the market for riding carts in the Charlotte area, as two were stolen in less than a 24-hour period. A golf cart was taken from an older gentleman's residence sometime during the morning hours. The other missing cart was hijacked from a local shopping center. The cart was MIA when one of the shopping center's security guards returned to where he had parked it earlier that day. In this particular instance, it didn't require a criminal mastermind to confiscate the guard's ride; he left the keys swinging in the ignition. Police reported that the less-than-alert security guard "could not provide any information about the cart at all." Each cart is valued at more than $2,500.

Not All Fun And Games: It appears that one woman had a little too much fun at a kids' recreation facility. The bright colors and loud noises of the children's playhouse must have proven to be too much of a distraction for this woman, who couldn't remember to grab her purse on the way out. Upon arriving home without the essential accessory, the woman called the establishment to ask if her handbag had turned up. Although no purse was turned in, we're still awaiting word on a possible interrogation of several suspicious characters, including the colorfully costumed employees running around the joint.

Get Off The Phone!: A minor conflict of interest erupted into an unnecessary act of violence when one man entered another man's room and found him on the telephone. After the man using the phone refused to get off, the other man, in a fit of rage, yanked the phone away and threw it at the other guy, hitting him in the arm and on the side of the face. The phone-tosser continued his attack by pushing the abused man in the back twice and finally throwing a glass of tea (hot or cold, we don't know) at him.

Do Your Own Dirty Work: Several threatening calls have been made recently and although the central message is the same spiel ("I'm going to kill you, yadda yadda yadda"), the cop-out callers are now enlisting other people to carry out their threats. One caller called a Charlotte man and told him, "I'm going to get someone to kill you; I'm going to call New York City to get someone to kill you." Another innocent woman received a similar call, but in this instance, the caller threatened, "I'm gonna have a girl kick your ass because I'm not trying to go to jail."

That's Just Trashy: After being gone all day, a woman came home to find that someone had dumped three large bags of smelly garbage all over her front porch. The woman was clueless as to who would do such a nasty thing or for what reason.

Grow Up: While watching television, a domestic quarrel soon ensued between a couch-potato couple. It's the usual story: She didn't like what he was watching so she tried to take the remote from him. When this didn't work (like it ever does), the woman became so agitated that she bit the guy on his shoulder. The most absurd thing concerning this infantile dispute is the fact that the guy felt it necessary to call the police -- what a sissy.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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