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Unintended Party Favors: As a recent frat party was winding down, a local fraternity discovered that a few of their guests had walked off with a lot more than just a good buzz. It seems that over $400 worth of paintings and $300 worth of trophies were missing from the fraternity house. When police tracked down the suspected thieves, they were unable to locate any of the paintings or trophies in question.

Don't Tread On Me: In the midst of a lover's quarrel, an agitated boyfriend attacked his live-in girlfriend and began to choke her. Deciding against doing any real harm to a living person, the boyfriend turned his frustration and anger onto a pair of brand-name tennis shoes. Grabbing a box cutter, the man started to slice and dice the sneakers in a pathetic display of rage. Police soon arrived on the scene but tragically it was too late to save the shredded shoes.

Burst Balloons: Last week a man walked into a woman's front yard and without warning began popping several balloons attached to several real estate signs. After finishing off the balloons, the man then pulled the signs out of the ground. When the woman confronted the man and told him to replace the uprooted signs, the man refused without explanation. He then gathered up the signs and the remains of the popped balloons, put them into his truck and drove off.

Taken For A Spin: After leaving his car in a local garage to be serviced, a car owner decided to decline the garage's services and returned to pick up his car. Upon arriving at the garage, the man soon discovered that his car was nowhere on the premises. The manager explained that the mechanic assigned to work on the man's car had unexpectedly driven off in it earlier that day. The manager and the car owner informed police of the event and were then informed that, although the mechanic in question had contacted several of his family members, he had made no attempt to return the stolen car.

Hit And Run: When a conscientious driver pulled to a stop to allow an emergency vehicle through, she was unfortunate enough to be rear-ended by the driver directly behind her. Apparently spooked by the severe damage caused to the woman's car, the inattentive driver decided to take off. But instead of just driving away, he pulled his car out of the roadway, brought it to a stop and jumped out. This hit and run culprit took the term literally and proceeded to run away on foot. However, the guilt of leaving the woman stranded must have gotten the better of him: Just four hours later, the man turned himself in to police.

Small Bulge: Yet another local discount store was subject to a shoplifting incident. This thief must have gotten cold feet, as he managed to take only a single tool and four pairs of socks, all of which he shoved down his pants. Apparently he wasn't just happy to see police; he really did have a sock in his pocket -- several, in fact.

Bad Case Of The Munchies: A parked trailer fell victim to a thief with a rather large appetite. It seems that someone popped the seal on the rear door of the trailer, opened it up and grabbed four cases of chocolate chip cookies.

Room Suddenly Available: In the wee hours of the night, an unsuspecting roommate arrived home to discover that his camcorder, DVD player and VCR had been taken. When the man asked his roommate about the missing items, she admitted that she had invited the suspected thieves into the residence earlier that night. She claimed that her slip in judgement was because she was very drunk when she invited the thieves over. When police arrived, the drunken roommate could not even recall what the thieves looked like or what they did while in the residence.

I'm Calling My Lawyer: Two local men, a business owner and one of his employees, have been on the receiving end of several threatening telephone calls. The employee stated that the caller has called him several times in addition to calling his boss and the company's after-hours number. During each of these calls, the pest simply threatens to take legal action against both men and/or the company. The men decided to take legal action of their own by notifying the police.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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