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If You Can't Say Anything Nice: Over a two day period, a woman received a litany of threatening phone calls from a former "friend." Among the numerous threats were such gems as: "I hate you and wish I had never met you;" "I'm going to make you lose your job and kill you;" "I'm gonna get you back you stupid bitch for what you did in court;" and finally, the rather puzzling threat, "You better watch the news because you are going to be the next missing person."

Something Fishy Going On: Police were summoned to a local grocery store after an employee witnessed an unknown male grab approximately $70 worth of seafood and exit the store without paying.

Marital Bliss -- Not!: A married couple got into an argument, which escalated into a physical altercation when the husband slapped the wife. This prompted the wife to punch her husband in the face and rip off his necklace. The police report indicated that "hands, feet, teeth, etc." were the weapons of choice in the incident.

Sink Hole: A woman called police after she discovered someone had broken into her vacant home via a window and stolen her bathroom sink, valued at approximately $150.

Nicotine Nabber: A man walked into a local convenience store, produced a box cutter, and demanded the clerk fill up his bag with Newport cigarettes. His walked out with a total of 71 packs, valued at $259.

That's Some Badge: A report was filed indicating that an unknown person(s) stole a police badge valued at $100 -- from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Station.

Heavy Looting: A man arrived home and discovered his front door wide open. Upon further investigation, he also found that someone had lifted $120 in cash and $600 in coins from his room.

Recreational Thieves: Be on the lookout for a stolen golf cart, which was swiped while parked near the office building of an apartment complex. The cart is valued at $3,000 and doesn't require a key to start.

An Old Story: An elderly gentleman called police to report that one of his family members was not fulfilling his duties as caregiver. Among his complaints, the man said that his house was in need of repair, it only had electricity in half of it, and that there was no running water. The police report also indicated that there was "evidence of self-neglect due to the fact that the client is not accessing medical services that could help him maintain physically."

The Case of the Runaway Bed: A man was checking on his vacant property and discovered that someone had kicked in the door and made off with his king size mattress and box spring.

Who Did What Now?: A verbal altercation with a female friend resulted in a man getting struck in the neck with a broken bottle, which required several stitches. Not much more is known about the case, as the man was, according to the police report, "extremely intoxicated and unable to provide a written statement or detailed information regarding the identity of the suspect."

Out Of The Frying Pan: While in transit to the police station for assaulting a woman, a man kicked out the rear window of the patrol car. When asked why he had done it, the man responded, "I didn't want to go back to jail."

Girls Just Want to Wreak Havoc: A distraught father called police after his daughter, apparently under the influence of drugs or alcohol, arrived home and started a fight with family members. The hell-bent daughter then turned her anger on the bathroom, where she smashed the toilet and pulled the sink off the wall.

Is That A Bud Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?: A convenience store clerk called police after he saw a guy shove a 22-ounce bottle of beer down the front of his pants and attempt to leave the store. When questioned by police, the bulging crook said he tried to steal the beer because his wife wouldn't give him any money.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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