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Let Us Pray, Dammit! A father and son got into an altercation recently over going to church. Apparently the son didn't want to go, and he became so enraged he threatened his elderly father with bodily harm. The father, who suffers from a variety of health problems, told police that he had to arm himself with a baseball bat to defend himself. Before leaving the premises, the son punched a hole in the wall.

Brotherly Love: Police responded to a fight-in-progress call, and rolled up to a man chasing his brother around with a knife. The knife-wielding brother explained that his two younger siblings, one of whom was not present, had broken out his car window, and a fight had ensued. The younger brother told police that Big Bro had been drinking all day, and had picked a fight with the third sibling. The younger brother intervened; when he started to get the best of Big Bro, the big guy grabbed a knife. When the third sibling tried to break up the fight and then called police, Big Bro turned his attention and knife to him, which was about the time police arrived.

Quicker Than Drive-Thru: Someone recently fired a gun at a Charlotte man and then proceeded to jump on top of him and strike him in the head. While the man was recovering on the ground, the attacker left the scene after taking what he'd been after: $8 worth of beer.

Valiant Effort: A man brought two candy bars to the counter at a local convenience store. When the cashier rang up the sale, thereby opening the register, the man tried to reach in the drawer and grab some money. The cashier, however, slammed the drawer shut before the suspect could get any. At that point, the man pointed a semi-automatic handgun at the cashier and ordered him to open the drawer again. The cashier reluctantly did so, and the robber left with a whopping $66.87.

Booty Patrol:A woman was taking her trash to the curb when a man she knew pulled up in his car, got out, and began yelling at her, using profanity, and threatening her. The man then assaulted the woman by kicking her in the butt, got back in his car and drove away.

No Engagement Announcement Expected: While picking up some tarps he had left at his girlfriend's house, a young man was threatened by the girl's father. The father told Boyfriend and another witness that they better "move out of the way" because he was planning to run them over with his truck. He then amplified his threat by yelling, "You need to get the hell out of here or I'll put some lead in your ass." Boyfriend believes the man is unstable and would have carried out his threat. He also claimed that the father reached inside his truck for an unknown object; Boyfriend believed it was a gun, since the man's wife discouraged her hubby from getting it out of the truck.

Well-Armed Thief: A man summoned police to his house after he discovered that someone had stolen nine of his guns, including a variety of German, Russian, Spanish and semi-automatic firearms.

A Fluid Situation: A motorist called police after a service station attendant mistakenly put windshield wiper fluid in the power steering fluid container of his car. The attendant admitted it was an accident, and offered to drain the container and replace it with the correct fluid. The concerned motorist requested that a report of the incident be placed on file in case of any future problems with his car.

Butt-Head: A man called police and reported that another man had gotten in his face and attempted to head-butt him. The man said he was able to avoid a direct blow, but that their heads did "brush together." The man also told police that the hard-headed guy had threatened to break his neck, and made references to his supposed martial arts training.

Stop, Or My Grandmother Will Shoot: Employees of a childcare center called police after the grandmother of one of the kids -- upset over possible harm inflicted on the child while in their care -- allegedly threatened to "blow the place away and bring her AK-A."

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.

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