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Caught In a Tight Spot

Two in-store Loss Prevention specialists in plainclothes were working at a local store when they recognized a repeat offender entering the store. They watched him -- on camera from the security room -- enter electronics and place a personal CD player in the crotch of his pants and an eight-pack of AA batteries in his pocket. When he exited the store, the electronic sensor set off an alarm, and he was apprehended on the sidewalk and the property was recovered. No word on whether the shoplifter handed over the CD player or someone had to fish it out of his pants.

Sweet and Low

A woman became very disturbed when she recently found a note on the windshield of her car that said, "You need to take a chill pill, you ignorant dickhead. Hope you like the sugar in your gas tank." The victim believed that the suspect carried out the threat, so she had her car towed to be checked for damages.As Opposed to a Peasant One

Speaking of threats, another woman has received a number of harassing phone calls even after telling the callers to stop. One of the callers stated, "I'm going to introduce you to a royal ass whipping." Luckily, they haven't met as of yet.

Look Both Ways

An armed robbery recently took place at a local electronics store. A woman entered the business and produced a note demanding money from the store. She reached into her purse, implying that she had a firearm, as she screamed at the employee to open the register and get the money. The woman grabbed the money (only $75) from the employee's hand and left the store. And she would have escaped except that, in her haste, she slammed her car into another vehicle, at which point she was arrested and transported to a hospital.

Making A Statement

A woman recently arrived home to find that the flag hanging on her front yard fence had been tampered with by someone who had used black spray paint to write "Work the Yups" on the flag. Two-Wheel Terror

Realizing he was too intoxicated to drive his moped home, a man asked a friend to hold it for him until the next day. When the man went back to retrieve his moped, however, he found that his "friend" had moved it off the property and refused to give it back to him.

Thomas Crown Affair II

A Charlotte man discovered that he was missing a piece of art that was being stored in a bedroom in his home while the place was being remodeled. Several items were stored in the bedroom but only one item was taken: a statue of a "naked woman holding a baby" entitled "Care and Tenderness," worth $1600. The man has no idea who took the artwork, ergo his call to the police.

A Kick In The Butt

Kids attending a soccer camp at an area university are without a few balls after some unknown persons drove up to the recreational field at the school and stole about $50 worth of soccer balls.

Graffiti In the Hood

A woman was leaving her home when she discovered that someone had scratched profanity into the hood of her car, which was parked in her driveway. The woman believes she knows who did it because someone (who is now a suspect) is "very unhappy" with her.

They Will Survive

Fun times were being had at a local karaoke joint, at least until the microphone went missing. A woman allegedly took the microphone after singing, and an unknown man left with what appeared to be the microphone in his pants pocket. The crowd, however, did not let the temporary setback keep them down, and once a new microphone was found, the boisterous singing resumed.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlote Mecklenburg Police Department.

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