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Criminal Starter Kit: A security guard stopped at a convenience store to use the bath- room, where he inadvertently left his 9mm gun. He came back 30 minutes later and asked if anyone had brought the gun to the clerk. When it was discovered that someone had taken the gun from the bathroom, the police were called.

Saving the Planet: A woman is a bit disgruntled after finding an unwanted bumpersticker on her car for the third time. The bumperstickers are placed on SUVs by an organization called "Changing the Climate." This group is known for "tagging" SUVs with their bumperstickers in an effort to protest SUVs' gas guzzling and to protect the environment.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: Someone recently entered a local music venue after hours by turning off the alarm and opening the security door with a key. The mystery intruder also was able to re-arm the alarm and re-lock the door on his/her way out, but not before stealing some bird repellant from over the stage.

Baby Face: A young woman was frightened when, while changing her baby's diaper, she noticed a man trying to get in her bedroom window. After finding the window locked, he attempted to gain entrance through the living room windows but found those locked as well. Once the man saw the woman and her baby watching him, however, he took off running.

Turn Back Time: An elderly man recently reported that someone he knows had taken various Craftsman tools, wrenches, and sockets from under his bed. Because the man knew the thief, he did not report him right away because he was hoping the toolnabber would either return the items or pay for them. Six months later, however, the man finally gave up hope and filed a report with police.

Dirty Business: A man recently found the left rear window of his car smashed. Once inside the car, the perpetrator also tampered with the ignition system and took off the tag and three hubcaps and threw them in a dumpster near the car. The vandal also took trash from the dumpster and filled up the interior of the car. The car owner doesn't know who would have done such a thing.

That's a Wrap: On a nice, sunny day, a woman went outside to sit on her porch when she noticed that two director's chairs were missing. She told police that she had several other chairs and a grill on the porch, but the unknown thief only took the two chairs.

Not Your Average Joe: A shoplifting trio struck a local market when one of them kept an employee occupied by asking if he could help her find something, while her two accomplices took some items and left the store. When the employee approached the two shoplifters in their car and asked to see their receipt, the decoy jumped into the car and sped off. One of these enterprising folks stole two CD racks worth $60 while the other one stole two wooden camels worth $200.

How Many Hail Marys? There's more church theft news this week. A man got to church Sunday morning and noticed that the previously locked door to the storage building was ajar. Someone had pried the hasp and collar off the door and entered the storage building. Perhaps feeling guilty about stealing from the Lord, the thief didn't take all of the lawn equipment, just a hedge trimmer, weedeater, leaf blower, side grinder, and electric chainsaw.

Better Stay Faithful: A man recently reported to police that he was threatened by his wife who also pushed him out of her way during an argument. According to the man, his wife told him, "If I ever catch you with another woman, I'm going to kill you and burn the house down. I have been to mental health and am on Prozac so I could get away with it."

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.

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