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Divine Intervention? A local church may be looking a little bare after someone dug up $350 worth of bushes at the front entrance. After digging them out, he or she, not wanting to engage in wasted effort, stole them. Perhaps The Big Man prefers flowers outfront instead.

I'm Number One: A Charlotte man recently reported to police than an unoccupied apartment was broken into. An unknown suspect broke into the residence by smashing the back bedroom window. No property was stolen, but the burglar did take time to leave a calling card: a pool of urine in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Botched Job: An easily discouraged robber walked up to the counter at a local drugstore and handed a note to the cashier, telling her to give him all the money. The would-be robber, however, left the store after another customer came in and stood behind him. No money was taken.

Taking Care of Business: There was quite a commotion recently at the Department of Social Services when a man was arrested for refusing to leave the women's restroom.

Pick On Someone Your Own Size: A young woman reported that someone poured gasoline into her fish tank, killing all of her fish, which were valued at $270.

A Snail's Getaway: A man's car was recently stolen. The owner was surprised since he discovered the car missing after he returned to fix its flat tire. It's not known how far the unknown suspect managed to get on the flat.

So Much For Guns Protecting You: A man reported that one of his guns was stolen from his home. He noticed that the $2000 Smith & Wesson was missing while he was conducting an inventory of his gun vault, located in the back of the house near the garage. Luckily, none of the other guns were missing. The man doesn't know who took it, but he told police that electrical contractors had been in his house recently since he was building an addition to his house. No word on whether the addition will be another unsecured, loaded gun vault.

Don't Be a Gardening Tool: A young woman received two phone threats from a man who called her a number of names using foul language in reference to her and her car. According to the report, he also stated that if she doesn't "stop acting like a H-O-E hoe," he was going to blow her "stuff" up. The woman believes the threat to be genuine because, as she told police, "you never know about people these days."

Saucy: A cookout ended badly when one man stabbed another man in the abdomen after getting into an argument. The weapon was listed as a "barbecue knife." Others attending the cookout were confused at first by the victim's cries of pain until they realized the stain on his shirt wasn't barbecue sauce.

Nice Try: A young woman called police for what she told them was a hit and run. After the police got there, the woman claimed her car had been struck while she was in the grocery store. She said she noticed the damage when she began to leave the parking lot and heard something dragging under her car. The reporting officer observed the damage and determined that it was not consistent with that of damage done to a parked car. The damage, instead, appeared to have occurred while the vehicle was in motion. The officer could find no evidence of a collision, and when he looked under the car, he didn't see any piece of the vehicle that would have been dragging on the ground as the woman drove. The woman told police she was worried about her insurance company canceling her insurance.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.

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