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Surprise Visitor: A woman and her husband received quite a surprise when they attempted to leave their home through their garage door. As the husband was about to place his hand on the doorknob, he looked down and realized that the knob was already turning. As the door opened, they came face to face with a man they had never seen before. The woman asked him, "What are you doing? Can I help you?" The man asked, "Does [unknown name] do your yard work?" The woman responded, "Who are you looking for? No [so-and-so] does our yard work." The suspect then looked at her like "Are you sure about that?" and slowly walked back to his car, which was parked right next to hers in the driveway. As she walked back into the house because she had forgotten something, she noticed that the stranger was very slow to pull out of the driveway. She decided to report it to the police when she discovered that a neighbor's car was broken into within the same timeframe. A man looked out a friend's window and saw that his car had been hit, including paint damage on the left side of the vehicle. Apparently, his car had been hit by a renegade golf cart. She Works Hard for the Money: Two workers at a local restaurant caused a scene in which an argument escalated, causing their

manager to send them to the back of the restaurant. Once in the back, one of the women grabbed the other and struck her several times. According to police, the victim had visible scratches and bruises on her neck, arms, and chest area. The cause of the fracas? The women were arguing over a five dollar tip. I Hear You Knocking: A woman became trapped in her own home after her ex-boyfriend stopped by, uninvited. He banged on her door, and when she wouldn't let him in, he went to the rear of the house and broke the lock off a utility room and entered it. He piled a number of items outside the door and told the victim he would burn the house if she did not let him in. The suspect was still inside the utility room when officers arrived. In the Heat of the Night: A man had to go to the hospital after suffering large cuts and bruises about his head and face. He had been attacked by someone who lived with him and who was wielding a dangerous hairdryer. Mike Tyson's Brother? A man arrived home one day to find a threatening message on his answering machine from an unknown person who said, "I'll get ya. You better watch your back. I'll bite your nose off." Parking Lot Rage: An older woman was backing out of a parking space when a woman who was parked behind her blew her horn. The hornblower was saying something to the older woman, but she didn't understand, so she got out of her car to see what the hornblower

wanted. Ms. Hornblower, as well as a passenger, then jumped out of their car and started to

curse and threaten the older woman. Then the hornblower suddenly slapped the older woman across the face, knocking her glasses off. She was stunned, and as she picked up her glasses, the hornblower and passenger got back into their car and drove away. No word on whether they rode away blowing the horn. Cheaper Than A Taxi: While a young man was entering his vehicle in a parking lot, two other guys entered his car and made him drive them to an unknown location to pick up a woman. After complying, the man was then robbed of five dollars. When he got out of his car about an hour later, the suspects drove off, leaving him stranded. Smokey the Bandit: At first, a Charlotte woman was alarmed to discover that her car had been broken into. Then she noticed that her stereo remained intact, and no damage was done to the car. Apparently the only thing

missing was about five dollars in change and an ash tray. Three Strikes You're Out: One Charlotte woman is on a bad luck streak. Someone entered her home one night and stole her VCR, while she was sleeping. This is the second time her home has been burglarized in three days.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.

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