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The Blotter


* American Graffiti: On her way to check her mail one morning, a woman noticed something different about her mailbox. As she got closer, she was able to see that someone had scratched something into its side. She was appalled at the etched word: ASS. No, these were not her initials.

* A Warm Thank You: A woman was sitting in a chair in front of her house, talking to her estranged husband, when her daughter pulled up in front of the house and got out of her car. She then proceeded through the yard to where her mother was sitting, and instead of receiving a nice big hug and kiss, mama got a nice big smack across the left side of her face. The daughter then returned to her car and left the scene. The victim does not know why her daughter assaulted her. She stated that she had even just bought her the car last week.

* Cats Aren't the Only Ones That Have Nine Lives: One middle-aged woman is fearing for her life after it was threatened four times. The suspect called her on the phone and each time yelled, "I'm gonna kill you." The victim said she's afraid to leave her home for fear that the suspect will jump out and murder her. She stated that she had no doubt that the suspect intended to carry out the threat because he had tried to kill her several times in the past.

* Can We Say, Heathers? One young woman is having some roommate troubles. Her previous roommate began calling her and making threats to her over the phone, as well as showing up at her new residence several times when she wasn't there. The victim has a summons for the suspect to appear in court soon, and apparently the ex-roomie is a bit peeved about that; she told the victim that she would not be able to take her to court if she were dead.

* It Really Is For People Of All Ages: It seems some people just can't get enough of Harry Potter these days. Two suspects entered a local discount store empty-handed and later were seen leaving the store with a plastic bag and something in it. They did not go through the check-out to purchase anything, but simply walked toward the exit. Upon exiting, however, the security alarm system went off. As they were told to stop, they started running out into the parking lot. It was determined that two Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone videos and one DVD were missing. The suspects were not apprehended, however, as they made their getaway in a black Mustang that was waiting for them. Perhaps they figured it was more discreet than a broom.

* Phone Fun: A young woman reported to the police that two suspects have made over 100 harassing phone calls to her. She did not state any of the threats word for word, only that most of the threats involved them waiting for her and "kicking [her] butt."

* Dumbo The Fleeing Purse Thief: A woman was recently in the parking lot of a local grocery store when a man came from behind her and snatched her purse. Before he ran away, however, she managed to get a look at his face. Not only did she recognize the suspect, she has known him for about eight years!

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