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The Blotter

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.


* No More Favors: As a favor to a friend, a young woman offered to give an acquaintance a ride after spotting him on the street. She drove him to what she assumed was his condo complex and waited for him to come back to the car as he said he would. After waiting 15 minutes for him to return, she glanced in the back seat and noticed that her purse was unzipped. She then discovered that an envelope containing $800 was missing. Needless to say, the man did not return.

* Attack of the Killer Roommate: A woman went to her boyfriend's residence, but he wasn't home, and his roommate answered the door. According to the woman, the roommate became upset at her request to see her boyfriend, walked to the kitchen, and grabbed a small butcher knife from a dish rack. He then came toward her and they began struggling, during which the woman was stabbed in her right knee. The struggle continued throughout the kitchen, the living room, and into the front yard. The roommate then began to pick up several bricks and throw them at her car, shattering the front windshield and front passenger window and denting the hood and passenger door.

* Seller's Market: A woman was recently threatened by a tenant in her rental house. The man requested a meeting with the woman to discuss rent and possible owner financing to purchase the house. The woman went to the house and told the man that she wasn't interested in the idea of owner financing. The man became irate and threatened to physically throw her out of the house. The woman then told him, "No you won't. This is my house." The suspect replied, "Then I'll run over your car." He walked out of the house and got into his car, indicating that he may carry out the threat. The woman then left the house herself and moved her vehicle. The man and his family finally drove away.

* Downside of Self-Reliance: An unknown person recently vandalized two businesses, causing over $7500 in damages. He gained entrance to one by kicking in a front dock bay door, and then proceeded to take $100 from two vending machines owned by another business. All this was accomplished with his very own forklift.

* Pissed-off Paraplegic: Beware of flying and rolling trash cans in the street. One woman's car was recently damaged after being struck by a can that was pushed in front of her car by a man in a wheelchair, who was going down the sidewalk pushing all the cans into the road. The man's motive is unknown.

* And The Point Was? A burglar recently pried open the side windows of a townhouse model. The suspect took the sofa cushions, pictures off the wall, and two shelves. The stolen items were found nearby; nothing was damaged.

* Breakfast Buffet: Someone recently broke into a shed containing a cooler for storing frozen food items. The hungry thief pried the lock off the side of the cooler and stole 40 pounds of cheddar cheese, a case of eggs, strawberries, and pineapples.

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