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The Blotter


* And the Oscar Goes to" A pregnant woman in Charlotte? The key scene involved an argument between the woman and a friend, on the subject of her pregnancy. The friend pushed the woman against a wall and kicked her four or five times, causing her many bruises and a black eye. According to police, however, the bruises appeared to be very old and not from the recent assault. While the woman played a convincing part, perhaps she should find a new make-up artist. Smudged black eye liner under her left eye didn't fool the police for one second.

* Jiminy and Friends: One man got quite a surprise when he arrived at his home to find it inhabited by new residents: rats, bugs, and crickets. Apparently, the critters were everywhere in the apartment and had not been there when he left. To add to the sense of violation, money was apparently missing from where he had hidden it in a "safe place." He suspects that his roommate, who moved out the day before, was the culprit.

* Mysterious Ways: There was a theft at a local shelter last week, in which numerous articles of men's clothing, blankets, shoes, and bags were stolen. While the suspect is unknown and the victim unlikely to get anything back, there is still hope: the suspect also took a Bible, a phonebook, and W2 forms.

* Enough is Enough: During a three month span, a woman received approximately 75 phone calls on her cell phone from a man who sometimes threatened her by stating, "I'm gonna kill you." The woman feels the suspect would carry out his threat because she thinks he has a gun. Apparently the previous 74 phone calls, months of harassment, and the likelihood of him only owning knives wasn't enough to make her take action before.

* What would you do for a Pop Tart? One shoplifter put a box of them in his backpack and, when approached by an officer in the parking lot, proceeded to run away. Police pursued him across a highway where he was eventually arrested after a brief struggle. No word on the fate of the pastries.

* Don't Mess With Fido: A young man was threatened by a family member when he began screaming at a family pet. The suspect grabbed the young man by his shirt collar, pulled him up close, and said that he was going to kill him. The suspect was armed with a painter's tool containing a sharp blade, but no attack was made.

* TV Spat: An elderly woman called the cops after arguing over a television channel with a family member. The loved one apparently had used his hand to push her to the floor. The woman stated that neither one of them had any visible signs of injury.

* On the Prowl: Another theft has been committed in Charlotte. What: a Bobcat worth approximately $11,500. How: a trailer. Who: unknown. Someone cut the chain leading to a construction site and took the Bobcat in the night. The Bobcat is not considered dangerous, as the stolen item was a piece of heavy construction/industrial equipment. *

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