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* A man called his ex-girlfriend several times at work, communicating sweet nothings like, "If you keep playing your little games you are gonna get yourself killed," and "If I find you with another man I'm gonna kill you and not him." After each call the woman would simply hang up on him. Five minutes later he would call again saying, "If you keep hanging up on me and staying away I'm going to kill you; you are not going to leave me broken-hearted." She hung up. Infuriated, the man called back shouting, "Before I let you leave me I'll make sure that nobody else can be with you." After hanging up on him a final time, the woman had had enough and called police.

* Good Cop, Bad Cop, Fake Cop: It seems that even cops are susceptible to the whims of criminals. An officer's personal vehicle was broken into while it was parked in front of his home. The thief was able to get away with the officer's laptop computer, his police winter jacket, police hat and hat badge, police ID, ticket book, accident report book, handcuffs and clipboard. Be on the lookout for a crook playing cop or someone with a uniform fetish gone out of control.

* Imposters used an unsuspecting woman's maiden name and social security number to obtain telephone service for their home, racking up a bill of over $400. The woman had no idea any of this was going on until one day the phone service at her residence was suddenly cut off as a result of the unpaid bill from the imposters' residence. The woman stated that she has never lived at the residence in question and has no idea who does.

* Last week a local pet owner came home to find that his canine companion was missing. Someone it seems, walked into his front yard, unlatched the chain on the dog's collar and led the dog away. The chain was not broken and there was no sign that the dog had simply run off. This is the second dog-napping incident for this unlucky man in the last few weeks.

* A local grocery store cashier was caught off-guard last week in what she thought was a routine customer check-out. A man walked up to the register with a bag of potato chips and handed the cashier a dollar. Upon opening the register, the man suddenly reached over the counter and grabbed all the $10 bills. The man then took off running and ducked into a local apartment complex. In all, over $100 in $10 bills were taken, but at least the potato chips were paid for.

* Would You Like Fries With That? While working at a fast food chain's drive-through window, one employee sustained unexpected abuse. When the next car in line pulled around to her window, the couple inside was obviously in the middle of a heated argument. The employee decided to ask the driver for payment for the food in order to distract him. The distraction only served to push the already flustered driver over the edge, however, and instead of handing over the money, the driver grabbed the employee by the collar and slammed her head on the drive-through window. The assailant then sped off without an apology or his receipt.

Police Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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