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* Troubled souls: A student was escorted from school when a wary teacher noticed that the student wasn't taking notes in class but seemed to be intently drawing instead. Upon further investigation, the teacher saw that the drawing showed the student blowing up his middle school. The student was suspended from school and arrested for communicating threats. The picture featured an explosive device connected to the school with the very threatening, even terrifying words, "BOOM, BOOM, KA BOOM" by it. The crazed child bomber was quickly picked up by his daddy.

* For A Good Time Call...: A prank went too far when two people began receiving numerous harassing phone calls. It seems that two other people had put up numerous posters which indicated that the harassed victims offered sexual services and included their names and telephone numbers. The phones have been ringing off the hook as interested persons call and pester the two agitated victims.

* Home sweet home. . .: After a heated argument, a man took off down a local street to cool off. Not willing to end the argument, the other person involved jumped in a Chevy Blazer and attempted to run down the man. He managed to jump out of harm's way, and the SUV sped off. When police arrived, the man was reluctant to report the incident, probably because the hot-tempered driver was the poor guy's mother.

* Mechanically inclined: A local pharmacy stopped a shoplifter before he was able to sneak out with $12 worth of mechanical pencils. The pencils were taken from him upon his detainment and returned to the school supply aisle.

* Change for a dollar? A woman's minivan was broken into while parked in front of her residence. The thief gained entry by pulling out the driver's side window, then broke into the locked console. The thief found more than $500 in the console -- all in quarters. The woman kept her stash of quarters in plastic M&M candy tubes. Besides the tubes of candy-coated quarters, the woman's "monkey bank" was also stolen.

* Clod: An unknown person damaged a model home last week by smashing a large pile of dirt through one of the living room windows. The vandal was unable to gain entry.

* Where's the kitchen sink? For unknown reasons, a frantic woman grew violent and began to attack a man nearby, using everything in her reach. First she hit him with a flowerpot, scratching him on his hip. Then she went for some jewelry cleaner and threw it in the man's face. While he was still recovering from the cleaner, the resourceful attacker began hitting him in the face with a set of car keys.

* Part of the neighborhood: A local apartment manager reported to police that an unknown person has been breaking into the storage area located inside his complex. Some of the residents have seen this unknown man and believe him to be homeless. Apparently this man has been breaking into the storage area for some time and uses the uninhabited space as a place to catch some Z's.

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