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* A heated argument between two women alarmed neighbors enough that they called the police. When the police arrived, they discovered that the two women were just arguing over a man. While questioning one of the women, police discovered that she had previously been assaulted by the same man the two were fighting over.

* Truckin': A local fast food restaurant suffered unexpected damage when a vehicle completely knocked over a brick wall that surrounded the store's water pump. The driver of the vehicle didn't stick around to report the damage. However, the store manager reported that drivers often back semi trucks into the area near the water pump when they stop for a bite to eat. Apparently, one truck was a little too big for the space.

* This is not a Game: A game enthusiast stole two electronic games from an electronics store. The man was observed taking the games from their case and placing them inside his jacket. When an employee asked him if he wished to pay for the items, the man "lunged toward him" and then ran to his vehicle. But instead of leaving, this mastermind pulled his car around and had the store install some stereo equipment in his vehicle. The games were taken from him and the police were called.

* A neighborly dispute erupted last weekend. As one man was tending to his animals, his neighbor came out of the woods that separate their property and began to yell, "I'll kill ya like an American should." At this point, the man went inside to avoid any further contact with his unruly neighbor. There was no mention of what brought on the neighbor's misdirected patriotism, but it was not the first time it had happened.

* A woman's car was hit by a CATS bus recently. The unidentified bus struck her car in the left rear quarter panel as she was making a left turn onto another street. The woman couldn't read the license plate of the bus, and she reported, which continued on after hitting her.

Police Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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