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* Explosive Humor: During class, a high school student made his fellow students and teacher believe he was carrying an "explosive device" and intended to injure several people in the classroom. When asked to explain his behavior, the student said he was "just talking," and in his mind the incident was a "joke." To his dismay, neither the class nor the police appreciated his humor.

* Police were dispatched to settle a domestic dispute that had turned ugly. By the time they arrived, the officers couldn't tell which person was the abused and which was the abuser. They decided to arrest both members of the party.

* Another domestic quarrel erupted recently, with the family's rental car feeling the brunt of the violence. Frustrated at her husband's misunderstanding, a woman beat in the hood of her sister's rental car with an umbrella.

* An unknown person or persons shattered the passenger side window of a locked car parked outside an apartment complex. The car owner reported no theft, as nothing was missing, but she did report that some of the car's contents had been "disturbed."

* Who dun it?: While on duty, a police officer noticed a car that had been reported stolen. The officer turned on his siren to pursue the car, and the driver put up a chase. After a few miles, the driver finally pulled over to surrender the car. He told the officer that his friend had stolen the car and had asked him to "[hold] the vehicle" for him. With the officer standing by, the man tried to contact his friend but, surprise, couldn't reach him.

* A hotel manager asked police to investigate suspected drug activity in one of the hotel's rooms. The police found the room easily and, upon knocking, were invited to enter by an agreeable and polite male voice. Once inside, the officers immediately identified a "small dose of marijuana, a drug scale, and a hypodermic needle." They stepped forward to conduct a bodily search of the man, but before they could stop him, the man "pulled a baggie of alleged cocaine from a bodily orifice" and swallowed the entire contents. Police did manage to secure residue from the baggie to prove the contents were indeed cocaine.

* Yet another domestic quarrel, this time involving a son and his mother. The young man became frustrated when he could not find his hairbrush and, consequently lashed out at his mother, threatening to "kill her and blow up her car."

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