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* Good Role Models Are Hard To Find. A woman visited her son's school to have lunch with him, but when she arrived was told her son was absent. The woman then went to her ex-husband's house, where she found her errant son enjoying the day off. The estranged couple soon got into an argument, during which time the man, following an outburst of nasty name calling, threatened to not only kick the woman's ass, but kill her as well. For good measure, the foul-mouthed father also damaged the driver's side rear window of the woman's car.

* Should Have Stayed In Bed. When a man showed up for work on a recent Monday morning, he was shocked to find that the fence around the company's back parking lot, which he had locked up the previous Friday, had been ripped from its hinges and was lying on the ground. Things went from bad to worse when the hapless worker also discovered that one car had been stolen from the lot and another vandalized.

* This Just In: Cigarettes Cause Cancer and Bad Tempers. A man reported that when he approached another fellow and asked him for a cigarette, the temperamental smoker suddenly became angry and ran inside his residence, saying he had something for him. Not wanting to wait around to find out what it was, the victim made a hasty retreat during which he heard a gunshot. He turned around to see the irate smoker waving a gun in his direction.

*Feets Don't Fail Me Now. A man called police to report that a complete stranger had driven over his foot. Apparently the victim has one tough foot, for he immediately gave chase, but the guy behind the wheel bailed out and ran from the scene.

*Who Says Teenagers Can't Entertain Themselves? A one-time Charlotte resident who had recently put his house on the market and moved out of state received a phone call from his old Queen City neighbor. The neighbor called to say that there was a group of teenage boys whooping it up in his old house as they spoke. The homeowner called police, who apprehended four teenage boys in the empty residence. Once caught, the boys admitted breaking into the house through a sliding glass door.

*What Do You Mean An $800 Cancellation Fee? After losing his cell phone and then (apparently) disconnecting the service over two months ago, a man was shocked when he received a cellular phone bill for over $800. He called the phone company and was told his service had never been disconnected, and he was responsible for the bill. The man obtained a copy of all the numbers the phone thief had called, dialed several of them, and was able to obtain the suspect's name.

* That's Got To Be Some Kind Of Record. Within minutes of being served with a restraining order by the Sheriff's Department, a man violated three sections of the order by making multiple phone calls to the woman who had issued the order, leaving several distressing and harassing messages.

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