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The Blotter

* A man walked into a store at 7:30 in the morning, cell phone on belt, but by 7:35, the phone was missing. He went back into the store, where, he claims "he found that some unknown suspect had taken his phone." How he gleaned this fact is unknown.

* A woman had her purse stolen while parked in a posh neighborhood. She says she doesn't know how many credit cards she had in the purse.

* $3,200 worth of Japanese Maple trees were stolen from a landscaping business.

* An employee at a local department store tried to get a man to leave the premises. The man refused. When the employee insisted, the man still refused, at which point the employee tried to forcefully remove the man. The man then called police and wanted the employee arrested for assault. He had sustained no injuries.

* Sorry 'bout dat: Three people were held at gunpoint by three people who had forced their way into the apartment in the middle of the night. A couple of minutes into the assault, one of the intruders figured out they were in the wrong apartment, so they left.

* A van was stolen from a man's work when he left it unattended and running ("with the keys in the ignition," states the police report to further clarify). The thieves took it on a joy ride that lasted all of half a mile, before they stole the keys and ran off.

* A woman stated that a man "grabbed her from behind which caused her to injure her finger."

* Someone forged a prescription to obtain 15 Hydrocodone tablets.

* A couple of cars got into an accident, and one, oblivious to the laws of the road, left the scene without exchanging the proper information, nor noticing that he had the right of way to begin with.

* Some kids keyed and otherwise tore up some poor guy's car after he told them to stop smoking marijuana in front of his apartment.

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