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The Blotter

* A guy jumped onto a woman's vehicle and wouldn't get off. The woman drove about a block down the street with the man still attached, looking for help, while the man ripped her wiper blades off. The medic who responded to the call reported that the man had no injuries but was extremely intoxicated.

* A beauty supply store reported that someone called at least 50 times during the hours in which they were closed, leaving messages on the answering machine. The entire tape was taken up by nothing but babbling.

* As a man was coming into work one morning, he noticed another man sitting at the back door to his workplace. On closer inspection, the worker noticed the other man was sniffing a can of nitrous oxide, which had obviously come from the hole in the wall near the back door. The man bolted but left the can of nitrous oxide.

* A man called the police because someone put black and silver balloons on his front steps.

* A woman's cellphone rang and when she answered, an unknown person said to her, "You're a whore, you fat ass bitch, and you better watch your Goddamn back."

* From a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Incident Report: "The victim states that while at school, the suspect was being escorted to the 'time out' room for the second time due to disrupting the class and threatening to hit another student. On her way to the 'time out' room, she yelled out to the victim, 'I'm going to beat the shit out of you like I did the last time.' The suspect had assaulted the victim a week earlier for no reason. Two hours later, the suspect was sent to the 'time out' room for the fourth time that day. Again, she yelled out to the victim, 'Bitch, I'm going to beat the shit out of you like I did last time.' The victim does feel the suspect could and would assault her if given the chance, due to the fact that the suspect assaulted the victim just last week for no reason. The victim is the suspect's teacher."

* A woman received harassing phone calls from an unknown suspect, who, she reported, speaks very fast and hangs up before she can reply or question why they keep telling her that "the last time we know you were behind the robbery." *

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