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* A man was attacked by another man who hit him in the face, tried to run him over with his car, and then threatened him. At this point, yet another man came up behind the first man and hit him in the face with a wooden stick.

* Various assault incidents reported this week included a woman who said that "her husband punched, scratched and hit her with a barstool." In another case, several men came into another man's house and forced him outside, where they proceeded to "pummel" him. And finally, a woman struck a man in the head with a baseball bat.

* A man was dropping his girlfriend off at her home when, for some unknown reason, she began messing with his car. Then she poked at his face and head with her keys. Finally, she kicked him in the mouth and hit him on the side of the head with an iron.

* A man was caught trying to leave a grocery store with a pack of wieners stuffed down his pants.

* A man told a woman that "if you knew what I know, I'd watch your back." He then went on to tell her "I know the law, I know what to say to keep from getting into trouble." He was charged with communicating threats.

* A check was discovered to be fraudulently passed when it was found that the real owner of the check was dead.

* A man stole a pay phone from a gas station.

* A man and his wife looked on in horror as an enraged man, waving a knife in the air, yelled and cursed at them in a parking lot. They fled to their car to escape. But as they drove away, they watched in the rear view mirror as the man, left standing in the middle of the parking lot, was still yelling and waving the knife about.

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