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A woman called the police to inform them that someone was trying to get into her apartment. When officers arrived on the scene, they observed the woman's head being hit against the front window. The police demolished windows and doors to get to her, but once inside, found that she wasn't being assaulted, but was having some kind of seizure. Apartment maintenance was called in to repair the damage.

* A man walked into his neighbor's yard and attacked him with a rake.

* A motel worker asked two men to leave the premises because they were suspected of peddling drugs on the property. They left, but once the worker got off, they found him walking down the street and began to assault him. While being beaten, "the victim states that he made his way to a pay phone and called 911." The two suspects ran away and the worker was given an ice pack.

* A lady put a t-shirt in her handbag and left a supermarket, but once outside she turned around and gave it back. The woman who reported this to the police says the woman does this frequently, and must have a "mental problem" because she makes no attempt to hide the fact that she is concealing the items and she always gives the items back. The reporting woman doesn't believe the woman to be a threat, just a bit confused.

* You figure it out: "The victim stated that a known suspect came onto her curtilage uninvited and stole her refrigerator." -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Incident Report.

* Terrorist wanna-be?: A woman was driving down the street when someone threw a box cutter through the back left window of her vehicle, shattering it. When she got out of her car to chat with the thrower, he said, "Bitch, someone's going to die tonight. I have my tool." No explanation of the last sentence was available.

* As the twig is bent: A woman became extremely angry at another woman, cursing and yelling at her, getting in her face and threatening to physically injure her. It all started when the angry woman's small boy had whipped out a 9mm handgun during an argument among other small children.

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