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The blotter


* My truck for your crack? Sure!: A man traded the use of his 1982 truck for the use of a 2001 crack rock on the condition that he have it back in one hour, but the suspect (not the crackhead, but the borrower of the truck) didn't return the truck. At daylight, the crackhead located the truck, but as he approached it, the suspect got into the truck and drove it at him. The crackhead was hit in the left leg as the truck sped away.

* Someone pulled a prank on an apartment office, kicking in one door before switching the deadbolt on the front door, which they removed and replaced before leaving.

* A woman witnessed a man stealing items from the bed of a man's truck, and she called the police. When the officer was looking around the area for the man, he spotted him with his arm through a smashed-out window of another car. According to the officer, "the victim (sic) made several spontaneous utterances that he was intoxicated and breaking into vehicles."

* Cheap Meat: A man was caught with three packs of steaks down his pants. He was arrested for shoplifting. The three packs of rib-eye steaks were valued at $10.38.

* A patient at a local mental ward was assaulted by another patient, who entered his room and attacked him with his feet.

* A woman is now the proud owner of an apartment only a few blocks from the apartment she is currently renting. It seems someone forged her name on the real estate forms, and she "consequently bought a property as a result of not seeing these forms."

* Man-Beaters: A couple was in the middle of a verbal tiff when the woman cracked her man in the face with her fist. Another couple was also in an argument when she hit him several times in the face with her fist. A third couple were just starting to argue, says the man, when his girlfriend whipped out a big stick and whacked him in the ribs.

* A pizza delivery girl was paying for gas at a gas station when three hungry hoodlums stole two pizzas and the bag they were in from her car.

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