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* A middle school student became enraged when someone asked him to pull his pants up. He proved he was a man by throwing a temper tantrum that left one man assaulted, a window busted out, and the little man handcuffed and put in a cop car. Once in the police cruiser, the student complained that the handcuffs were hurting his wrists and the officer released him from them. The officer then drove him to his home, instead of back to school, and the boy started to kick at the car's window and door, and eventually tore the door handle off the back left door and threw it out the window. He was turned over to his sister's care.

* Isn't It Moronic? Part I: A house under construction was burglarized of the doorknobs and locks, which had yet to be installed.

Part II: In a separate incident, several signs were stolen from trees at the edge of someone's property. The victim says that this has been an ongoing problem. The signs said, "NO TRESPASSING."

* Don't Blame Me: A woman called the police to report that her handgun had been missing since sometime in 1999.

* Polka-dot Mustang: A 1996 Ford Mustang was made even less cool when unknown suspects damaged it by shooting it several times with a paintball gun. The victim tried but failed to remove the paint.

* A 39-year-old man claimed to have been hit by a stripper at an uptown "men's club." He says he was involved in an argument with the table beside him when he says the stripper just whacked him in the back of the head.

* A woman "just got into [a man's] car" at an intersection and demanded two dollars from him. The man explained to her that she didn't belong in his car, and after some serious debate on the subject, she seemed to agree with him. On the way out, however, she stole his briefcase. The briefcase and its contents were valued at $650.

* Just Flush It: A high school student was videotaped smoking marijuana in the boy's room. When a school administrator brought the suspect to the reporting officer's office, the student admitted it, and still had the marijuana in his right sock, where the officer found it.

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