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A thief stole an air compressor and a fax/phone machine from a trucking company, but had such a rough time breaking in through the garage door that the first thing he did was use a cutting torch found on the scene to break into the vending machine for a refreshing drink.

Shoplifting, Cajun Style: The manager of a grocery store was hit twice in the face and put in a headlock by a shoplifter before the cops apprehended him. The shoplifter was attempting to steal $160 worth of materials for a jambalaya: five bags of shrimp, three bags of scallops and three bags of chicken breasts.

A woman received minor injuries when a random man threw a salt shaker at her, hitting her left eye.

For several months, a 68-year-old woman had been having problems with unknown robbers trying to get into her place. She didn't report them at the time, due to the fact that she did not want to cause any problems. Over the weekend, however, they finally managed to break in and stole $4,000 worth of furniture, the deed to her mother's house, $500 worth of clothing and a couple of $500 air conditioners. Now, a bit late, she's going to put a stop to it.

The Artful Vandal: Someone keyed a young woman's car, but this was no quick, amateur attempt. On the hood, scratched into the paint, is a picture of a street, a house with a chimney (complete with smoke), surrounded by trees. Also, the words Bid Boys, RCB, RIP and Punk were written all over the car and the doors were scratched in circular patterns. The woman said she had only had the car one week and the previous owner must have had a problem with someone.

At two grocery stores within a short drive of each other, items were stolen totaling about $600. Those items included 28 cans of Enfamil, a baby formula, three packages of diapers and 40 cans of generic baby formula. The recession's already hitting young parents hard.

A female victim was either very smart or very nervous when her angered boyfriend abducted her. He threatened her with bodily harm if she didn't get into his vehicle, but once inside, she began to hyperventilate, causing her abductor to stop at a nearby Medic Station. The boyfriend dropped her off and sped away.

More effective than a cold shower: A man was apprehended at a local grocery with about $120 worth of frozen meat shoved down his pants.

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