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Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police files



'TIL JAIL DO WE PART: A 25-year-old man said his wife opened up a can of whoop ass on him during an argument. He said she hit him in the face with an open hand and then picked up a belt and started hitting his entire body. The woman was arrested on the scene and charged with assault. The man refused medical treatment even though he had signs of injury.

ANGER ISSUES: An employee of a bar on Driftwood Drive said a man got upset and started a ruckus. The employee asked the rowdy man to leave. After leaving the bar, the man decided to let his anger out on the employee's 1994 Plymouth Voyager by breaking the left side passenger window.

WHEN KIDS ATTACK: A 30-year-old elementary school teacher said one of her students was cutting up so she had to remove him from the classroom. As she was leading him out of the classroom, the student punched her in the leg with his fist. He was taken to the office where police and his mother were called to the scene.

DANGERS OF BEING A FLASHLIGHT COP: Two security guards said a fight occurred inside Bar Charlotte. The guards walked up to the two men involved to kick them out. When approached, the two men unleashed physically assaulted the guards.

THREAT OF THE WEEK PT. 1: A 35-year-old woman said she received four harassing phone calls and 12 threatening text messages from a former male friend. She said the man communicated threats during some of the text messages stating, "I'm gonna get you," "I've got plans for your no good ass, count on it bitch!" The woman said she told the man to stop contacting her, but he continues to do so. She is concerned that he might follow through with the threats.

THREAT OF THE WEEK PT. 2: A 20-year-old said her former friend has repeatedly harassed her while she's at her job. She said her ex-friend called her at work and threatened her by saying, "I'm going to kill you, you fat whore" and "You better stay away from me or I'll beat your ass."

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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