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The Blotter

Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police files



BUY AND STEAL: An employee at Citi Trends said a woman came to her register and purchased a few items of clothes. After ringing the woman up, the employee noticed several items of clothing hanging out of the woman's purse and jacket. As the woman attempted to leave, the employee stopped her and she was arrested on the scene.

ACTS OF REVENGE: A 27-year-old woman said someone came to her home, located on Dunfries Road and vandalized her Chrysler PT Cruiser. She said all four tires were flattened, the rear windshield was broken and the antenna was ripped off. As if that wasn't enough, the woman said the person scratched "whore and bitch" into the paint.

ALL IN THE FAMILY: A 41-year-old woman said one of her family members called her one evening threatening to harm her and her loved ones. The woman said the person only called once, but made a very menacing statement by telling her, "I kill you and your family."

IRON MAIDEN: A 21-year-old woman said she was having a verbal altercation with one of her friends. During the argument, the woman's friend hit her in the head with an iron.

PAID TO SLACK: A 33-year-old man said he hired a contractor to do masonry and concrete work for his home. He and the contractor signed an agreement stating the amount of work that needed to be done and when it needed to be complete. The man paid the contractor a portion of the money before the work was completed. Since the man paid the money, the contractor has done very little work and refuses to give the money back.

VOICE OF REASON: A 21-year-old woman and her roommate were not getting along, so her roommate's boyfriend decided he would step in to help mediate the dispute. The woman said her roommate's boyfriend called her and threatened to hurt her and damage her property if the matter was not resolved.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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