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The Blotter

Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police files



THE GRUDGE: A 57-year-old man said he received several harassing calls from a suspect who had a grudge against him. Growing tired of the harassment, the man decided to call his foe. Once on the phone, the suspect further threatened the man by saying, "I'm coming to get you. You stabbed me in the back. You won't do this to nobody else, I promise you."

WHEN LOVERS ATTACK PT. 1: A 27-year-old woman called her boyfriend and asked him to come to her residence, located on Village Lake Drive. When he arrived, he found that his girlfriend had another man inside her home. He became upset and pulled his girlfriend's hair.

WHEN LOVERS ATTACK PT. 2: A 35-year-old man said he and his girlfriend got into an altercation. He said his girlfriend became physically violent and scratched him with her "long fingernails."

WHEN LOVERS ATTACK PT. 3: A 21-year-old woman said a male friend of hers threw a cinder block through the sliding glass door of her residence. The man then entered her home and assaulted her by shoving her in the chest. He then verbally threatened to assault her with the cinder block before leaving.

HONEST THIEF: An officer driving along W.T. Harris Boulevard saw a man running across the street carrying two cases of beer. The officer stopped the man, who immediately admitted to stealing the beer from a Citgo gas station.

NOT IN HER JOB DESCRIPTION: An employee at a Shell gas station thought she saw a man remove items from the store's shelf and put them in his jacket before exiting the store. Unsure if the man actually stole anything, the women followed him outside to ask him. She approached him while he was sitting inside his vehicle and he pulled out a gun from underneath his seat and pointed it at her. She then went back into the store.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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