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The Blotter

Bizarre crimes from the Charlotte police files



BLOOD ISN'T THICKER THAN CASH: A 49-year-old woman said she placed an envelope with $67 in it on a nightstand next to her bed and later noticed it was missing. She said she didn't give anybody permission to take the money. She had family visiting from out of state and suspects it was one of them who stole her money.

THE QUICK AND THE SLY: A 24-year-old man reported that someone stole his coat. The incident occurred while he was shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods at SouthPark Mall. He said he just purchased the coat from another store inside the mall and placed it on a hanging rack while he was looking at other items of clothes. While his back was turned, someone came up, took his coat, which was still in the plastic bag, and walked out the store.

DRUNK AND ANNOYING: A 37-year-old man said he received 15 harassing calls from an unknown woman. The woman's number popped up on his caller I.D.. so he called her back to find out why she was calling. She hung up and started calling him from a blocked number. He said each time the woman called she said, "I'm going to shoot you." He told the woman if she kept calling, he was going to call the police, to which the woman replied, "I'm with the FBI, and I'm going to shoot you."

BATHROOM VANDALS: A man reported that the bathrooms at Tuckaseegee Park were vandalized. He said someone kicked in the men's bathroom door and broke the soap dispenser and then went into the women's bathroom and broke the soap and towel dispensers and ripped the sinks out of the wall.

CELL PHONE MAFIA: A 28-year-old woman said she received a call from a wireless phone company about a joint account that was in her and another person's name. The woman said she didn't know who the other person was. The wireless company told her the person opened the account using her name and social security number. The woman said someone must have stolen her information. The company said the woman must make the payment or suffer the consequence.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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