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The Blotter

Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police reports



A CONSIDERATE, IF CREEPY THIEF: Someone broke into a woman's apartment and stole only a pair of shoes. Then the person made the woman's bed.

PC LOAD LETTER?! $%@#: While at an apartment complex office, someone picked up a printer and threw it at a resident.

FRIENDS WITHOUT MONEY: A coffee shop reported several employees (presumably now ex-employees) had given away drinks, ice cream and food to their friends without charging them. The wage knaves did so during a five-month span.

A SON'S LOVE: A sixty-something man told police that his son was throwing rocks against his car, causing $500 in damages. The son was arrested.

EARLY PAYMENT: A woman hired a man to fix her home's bannister and agreed to pay $500 beforehand. The check was cashed, but no home repair was forthcoming. Several weeks later, she called police in hopes they may have better luck finding him.

SELF-HELP STEALING: Someone broke into a woman's home and stole the usual: TV, laptop, DVD player, jewelry. But one less expensive item appealed to the thief also. Before leaving, the thief grabbed a copy of The Secret, that hideous self-help tract beloved by Oprah. On CD, no less. Maybe it will help the thief live his (or her) best life.

NOWHERE TO RUN: Someone kicked in the door to vandalize a house -- pouring paint all over the walls and floors of the home. After a brief investigation, the suspects were found next door.

MAIL MAUL: A woman told police that someone looked into her mailbox, ripped up a letter and put it back in the box.

ASSHOLE OF THE WEEK: A man became upset when a woman wouldn't make his dinner, so he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off a chair.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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