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The Blotter

Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police reports



GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEERS: A woman was checking on the home of an acquaintance who was out of town when she noticed something strange. Four people were inside, eating and drinking beer. When they saw her, they fled out the back door.

BAD DRINKING KARMA: Most people who steal beer don't make much of a fuss. They just grab and dash. But one guy decided to throw a threat into the mix. After running out of a convenience store with two cases of Corona, he yelled back at the clerk who followed him outside: "If you come here, we shoot you!"

CANNED: A man told police that he believes two people stole six 55-gallon bags of aluminum cans behind his home. His grandchildren had been collecting the cans to turn in for cash.

FUELED UP: A woman told police she gave someone permission to fill up her Honda's gas tank. How nice of her. That someone took the car and didn't return. How nice of him.

MOVING VIOLATION: Good Samaritans are everywhere, apparently. One woman called police because someone won't return the property he'd agreed to store briefly: a purple bathroom stool, a basketball goal, two bed comforters and a miscellaneous item or two. He'd been helping her move but now won't talk to her.

BEER FUTILITY: A man grabbed a case of Budweiser and walked out the door. The clerk yelled at the suspect to bring the beer back. Surprisingly, he did not.

HOUSE RULES: Someone got angry when a woman advised him to follow the rules of her house. So he walked outside, picked up a metal fence post and threw it at the front window. He then fled

THREAT OF THE WEEK: A man decided to call authorities after he received seven harassing phone calls and this threat: "My boys are gonna love you."

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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