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The Blotter



Now That's Teamwork: Three vagrants accosted a man and his friend while they were parked at a gas station. One of the vagrants grabbed the driver's wallet, and another robbed the passenger at gunpoint. One of the troublesome trio then hopped into the car and drove the vehicle behind the gas station. The three thieves then fled the scene in an unknown white vehicle. Just as the terrible trio was leaving, another car pulled up with three men inside, one of whom got out and drove away in the victims' car, while the two were still watching all this from the parking lot.

The Case of the Doofus Commuter: While a man was waiting at a bus stop, a car pulled up next to him and one of the passengers told him to get inside. For some inexplicable reason he did, and the motorist drove away from the scene and parked around the block. At this point several other hoodlums walked up to the car and pulled the unsuspecting man from the car, and proceeded to shove and punch him. They also stole his cell phone and backpack.

If I Had a Hammer: Someone broke into a Central Avenue club using one of the less sophisticated tools of the robbery trade -- a hammer -- to remove the knob on the front door. Upon gaining entry, the burglars turned over a cigarette machine and forced open the top of a jukebox, removing the dollar "accepter." The hammer was found on the floor near the cigarette machine and the accepter was discovered in the parking lot.

Meow Hiss: A scorned woman approached her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend as they were sitting in the parking lot of an Independence Boulevard business. After a brief exchange of heated words, the two women started going at it. During the ensuing catfight, the scorned woman grabbed the other female's purse, jumped in her car and drove away.

Urban Life at its Finest: A man noticed two shady-looking characters following him while he was walking downtown. The dangerous-looking duo continued to follow the man after he strolled into a "remote area," where they then punched him in the face, knocked him to the ground and stole his wallet.

Good Old-Fashioned Southern Breakfast: Some merry pranksters threw bologna and eggs at the passenger side door and rear quarter panel of a late model Dodge, causing an estimated $600 in damages.

Blotter Items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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