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MUST'VE BEEN A LARGE SHIRT: A supermarket employee called police after a suspect was found with a stuffed shirt full of beauty products valued at $350, including whitening strips and razors.

EXTREME MAKEOVER: A woman told police that a woman stole make-up products and a handbag from her apartment. The former woman later saw the products in the latter woman's home and asked why she had them. The second woman denied stealing them. Later, the first woman took back her make-up but couldn't find the handbag. So the second woman threatened to kick her butt and beat her in the head.

RESPONSIBLE PARENTHOOD: A mom and dad arranged to meet one evening so the father could pick up their daughter. Upon meeting, the man told the woman, "I'll beat your ass."

SIBLING RIVALRY: Two adults sisters (as in 20-something and 40-something) got into a fistfight. Both told police the other sister had started it.

THAT'S RIGHT NEIGHBORLY: A woman told police that someone slashed all his tires. He suspects his neighbor is the culprit.

MONEY DRAIN: A convenience store employee was reported for allegedly embezzling money orders totaling $3,556. Who'd a thunk that amount of money would be noticed?

AIRED OUT: A woman told police that someone took her air-conditioning unit while she was sleeping. She named a suspect, who had been in her house that night but was gone when she woke up.

ALERT HOMELAND SECURITY: A man told police that he and other people saw a suspect take pictures of Uptown buildings.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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