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The Blotter

Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police reports



IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE: A man was arrested at a Johnston Road grocery store after police were told he attempted to steal a Valentine's Day card, a pack of Orbit spearmint gum, a paring knife and a $6.95 box of Lifestyles condoms.

AND (S)HE DIDN'T EVEN PAY FOR DINNER: A woman and another person were driving in the woman's 2005 Hyundai Tucson to go eat on Woodlawn Road. They pulled up to the restaurant, but when the woman got out, the driver drove off in the car. The SUV was still missing nine hours later.

CRACKHEADS ANONYMOUS: A woman told police that she got a strange call from someone purporting to be a Charlotte-Mecklenburg cop. The caller said the woman's son had been arrested for possession of crack cocaine. The woman told the caller she'd just checked on her son and he was sleeping. She checked again while the caller was on hold. When she returned to the phone, she asked if "this was some sort of joke." The caller hung up.

NOW THAT'S CUSTOMER SERVICE: A woman was in a store on Sugar Creek Road with her family when a woman behind the cash register began making comments about her mother. The woman asked, "what did she say?" Then, the suspect came from behind the register with a box cutter in her hand, threatening the cut her and followed the family outside the store.

BIZARRE THREAT OF THE WEEK: A woman told police that two relatives twisted her metal mailbox, left it dangling, and threatened to damage more. One relative told her, "I'm going to destroy everything in your house, especially your clock."

GOOD CHARACTER, EH?: A man called a woman recently and said, "This is your neighbor from four doors down. I need to tell you what you've done wrong at night. I've seen you through your windows, and I have naked pictures of you, which could be really embarrassing if I sold them on the Internet. Do you want to do what I say so I won't put them on the Internet? If you have good character you will not tell anyone I've called."

FISHING FOR TIPS: An employee of an upscale south Charlotte seafood restaurant was arrested after receipts indicated he'd been over-charging customers for dinners and pocketing the extra cash. The employee also kept money from cash-paying customers and instead charged their tabs to other customers' credit cards.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department

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