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The Blotter

Bizarre crimes from Charlotte police reports



This week's Blotter is dedicated to those who threaten. These succinct, if woefully unimaginative, offenses can fill a page when other crimes are either too commonplace (car break-ins) or, sadly, too serious (uh, murder and rape).

• A woman reported that someone called her about 100 times within five months, at times threatening her. "I'll kill you and your baby." "I'll come over there and beat you up." "I can't hit you in the stomach, but I'll slap your face." "Bitch get your number changed if you don't want me to call your phone." "You've seen the way I blacked (some guy's) eye, I'll do the same to your baby."

• A fortysomething woman reported receiving 50 phone calls within seven hours. The suspect said, "I'm gonna stick (a) gun in you tomorrow at school." The victim told the suspect not to call again, but the calls continued.

• A woman reported a man smashed in the front window of her apartment. As he was being taken to a police car, he told the woman they would not keep him locked up forever, and, in the words of the police report, "when he got out it would be a wrap for her." The woman told police he had assaulted her before.

• A woman reported someone called her and said, "Come on over here so we can fight! I'm gonna kick your ass if you don't leave him alone!" The caller has also told the woman that she is going to call the Department of Social Services and have the woman's children taken away.

• A woman reported someone called her, saying, "Bitch, I'm going to kick her ass," and urging her to come to the door. The suspect then began kicking the door in.

• A man called a woman to demand his money or he would, "Be up there to shut the house down."

• A woman told another, "I am going to ride by your house and blow it up."

This report doesn't involve threats, but it's a pretty lame offense. Someone stole about $25 from a charity box at a downtown Catholic church. Bolt cutters had been used to cut the locks off two charity boxes, which contained donations for the poor.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department

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